Saturday, September 24, 2011

Did I Mention

Have I mentioned yet that I've been going [almost] non-stop the last two weeks? 
work, work, work, work, craft, craft, craft [for baby shower], work, work, work,
I will be one happy camper come Sunday evening and I can finally relax a bit.
Also, did I mention that David scored some super sweet concert deals lately?
You probably can't tell from this blown out picture but, this is Gary Allen.
More to come late on how we scored these front row seats. :)
Just a little tease of the cutsies I've been makin' for a precious baby shower. Infact, by the time this post publishes I will be at said baby shower. fun fun fun! [I hope I have enough food]

Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer 2011 Wrap dieci: Mesquite

The Crowther Reunion in Mesquite is where summer ends for us. 
Softball, good food, fun conversation, bowling, games, and the auction. 
This was my third year going. Kind of crazy to think about. 
Here's the one pic I took:
And that is the end of our Summer 2011 Wrap.
We love Summer. The heat actually hasn't been that bad this year. Either we're just getting used to it, or it really has been a cooler year than usual. iuhknow.
But still, after a nice respite from the high temps with the storms, it was back to the high 90s/low 100s today and I am done with it! I am ready for fall and jackets and jeans and hoodies and boots. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

{Wordless Wednesday} I spied...

with my little eye,
a little piggie in the window
as I passed by.
he's cute.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer 2011 Wrap otto: Labor Day

We got out of the heat and went to P-town for the weekend. 
It was so nice watching the temperature drop from the high 90's to 80, to 70, and then finally to 63 when we got to Panaca Friday evening. It was chilly when we got out of the car! But it felt soo good. Mama always says her favorite thing about living in Panaca is that during the summer, it can get hot as heck, but as soon as that sun drops the windows are opened and the cold air comes in all night. If only that could be the case in these here southern parts of Nevada. 
Saturday, we slept in. Oh sweet sleep! Played with David's new scope. Went to the spring to check out the set-up for the triathlon. Giulia ran home. Then we headed to Pioche for the softball tournament and other excitement. Preston was so excited for me to experience Labor Day the Lincoln County way. He had a running list of everything I just had to try. But we get to Pioche, and Preston is all upset because none of the vendors were there. The story is that some lady got on "the board" this year and put a ban on any outside vendors so that her concession stand could make more money. Or something. So, I guess it wasn't exciting as it usually is. We watched Zach's softball game and then headed for the hills. The dove hunting season officially started, and David wanted to take Preston. After going to several different water holes and not finding much, David wanted to go "deeper in the mountains" and check out this "one spot that I went to years ago". Mostly he wanted to check it out for deer tracks and maybe see some deersies. We hiked in to that one. And still didn't see much. Kind of a bummer but it was good exercise!
big man on campus.

takin' a break at the water hole we hiked to. just followed the sound of the water
I missed the memo to look normal?
I need to note that the cell phone service was horrendous that weekend. There was so many people in town that you could rarely get a call through. Extremely frustrating when you're trying to get a hold of someone to let them know that you won't be there for primary.
while i was trying to get a call out, david was doing this
We headed back to town and met up with Mama for dinner and the electric parade! 
Before the parade started we walked "uptown" to check out the street dancing. What a site! haha. They had a live band in the street and everyone was gettin' their groove on. The drunk ones are always the most fun to watch. ;)  After getting our fill of people watching and busting out the occasional moves ourselves, we got back in our seats and watched the lit up floats pass by. It was fun. Never been to a parade in the dark before.  no pictures...woops!
Sunday, sunday....I can't remember what we did Sunday morning....I think we slept in again. Went to church. 

That afternoon we had fun at the gun range. My arm was sore for days from throwing the clay pigeons.
And then that evening was the big fireworks show in Pioche. What a show it was! Best fireworks show I have ever seen! It was great!
ya'll already seen this one. this was before the works got started.
I almost have the serious face down...kind of...

Monday morning we woke up early for some more hunting. Driving through town we were so excited because Doves were packed on every power line. Sadly, none were to be found in the fields. 
However, David and Preston chased down a jack-rabbit and Giulia nailed a few stink bugs with the .22.
David does the serious face so well. Me... not so much.

That morning was another parade- where candy was thrown left and right! Yum yum! After that there was games and races at the park. I won the 13 and up  skipping race and got like 50 cents!!! woot woot!
On the way home from that excitement David and I pulled off into some other fields. David was feeling a little jipped about this bird thing. We theorize that it was still too cold for them to be out in full force yet. Sorry honey. Anyway, we stopped in some fields and David got out with the shotgun and went on the hunt, and I took a nap in the car. :) He came back about 45 minutes later with a few birds and a smile on his face. 
We headed back to the house and David fired up the BBQ. He put together a marinade the day before and had the chicken soaking up that goodness for 18 h ours. Threw that on grill. YUM! I spotted a "Tater Twister" in the laundry room, pulled that sucker out and went to work makin' some curly fries to go along with the BBQ chicken. Healthiest meal ever!
And then the time came when we had to say our good-byes. That part is never fun.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer 2011 Wrap sette: GAS reunion

GAS= papa's initials. hehe.hehehe.
baby Roslyn sportin' the fam tee. (thanks Daniel for the picha)
This year we had the first annual GAS reunion the third weekend of August in St.George. 
It was so fun to have everyone together. I wish we could all get together every month! :( 
Highlights included:
getting to spend some time with the Adams family:
Little Mermaid at Tuacahn!!!!
the staging was amazing.
David had never been before, and he hasn't been to many plays/musicals in his lifetime (I'm working on that, little by little). But he was giggling and smiling and enjoying the show. :)
it was a very hot night and we we were all sweaty messes when we walked back to the cars

I stole this pic from Daniel on facebook. :) I just thought it was cute.
On Saturday morning we headed over to the Jacob Hamblin home for a tour and family pictures (that I'm sure we'll be getting soon, right Ashley?)
After that the men folk spent a few hours in Sportsmen Warehouse.
Then we lunched at Golden Corral (David has converted everyone). And then sadly we all went our separate ways.
'Til next year! 
I should mention that it was after lunch that D&G went back to Sportsman's Warehouse for another few hours and left with some pretty sweet stuff. ;) 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

{For the Soul}

loved this. needed it.
"Our need for constant recourse to the scriptures is greater [now] than in any previous time".
Now everyone say a prayer that all my primary kiddos remember the words to all the songs we're singing today. ay yi yi! I'm nervous! But I am so looking forward to having the primary program done and singing the songs that I want to. :) 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

a true depiction...

Wurley's Mine December 2010
I think this picture captured us accurately:
I'm a bit of an odd-ball,
and David is calm and confident [and always so good lookin'].

Friday, September 16, 2011

Summer 2011 Wrap sei: Cabin Time

For 24th of July weekend we headed up to Joseph's family's cabin somewhere in Kolob. 
I've posted a few pictures from that already. 
Lots of just hangin' out and enjoying each other's company. 
David and I left pretty early Sunday morning because I was singing in church at 1. Funny story time (well, it's funny now). When I woke up, David was nowhere to be found. After searching the cabin high and low and not finding his body, I went outside to find that our car was gone as well. Once I calmed down and got over the crazy thoughts that were something along the lines of David being held hostage somewhere (oh the mind of a helpless wife at 6:00a.m. with no cell service and no car in a place she hasn't been before), I figured he was probably just gone fishin'. I tried going back to sleep but to no avail. I had got myself too worked up to be able to fall asleep plus I wasn't really sure if he was fishin'. What if something really terrible had happened and none of us knew? Definitely no sleep with all those thoughts.  So I sat on the couch and read. And I was livid. Mad because he didn't tell me where he went, mad because he didn't invite me (how rude!), and mad because I couldn't fall back asleep and I really wanted to sleep some more! Well, David comes in around 7:30, sees my face and asks me whats up. After unloading on him, he explains to me that he did wake me up and told me he was going fishing and asked if I wanted to come and I told him no. This upset me even more because, to this day, I had no recollection of him waking me up that morning. The joke was on me and my morning grogginess I guess. But Honey, next time leave a note!!!
so in love with this face!
boom baby!
some King of the Pole action
a simple game: last person on the pole wins
horseshoes! Team D&G won one round. Round two was boys v girls. The girls were ahead, but sadly lost in the end. It was close though! (and G never did get showered or dressed after Insanity that day. yum. Yes she made sure she got her Insanity on for the two nights they were there.woot!)
the face of a winner. ;)
Also, the boys went fishin'. Felicia and I drove around the whole reservoir trying to find and meet up with them, but our paths never crossed. Long story short: it was one of those things where if you went ten more feet before turning around you would have found what you were looking for. :) But it was a nice drive and we had a nice talk.
Also, Chelsie and Mame were there, even though by looking at these pictures you would think they weren't.
the end.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer 2011 Wrap cinque: Orange Dirt

This summer was filled with lots of softball. 
David played as a sub with Turner's team as often as he could/his work schedule would allow.
can you see the smiles on his face? I love it. He loves to play and I love to watch him.
Turner made sure that David came out to play for the championship game. They won!!!!! And they all have nice blue shirts to prove it. :) 
Turner also got all us Robbins together to play in the annual Midnight Madness tournament that the city puts on every year. It definitely lived up to its name. Things were pretty crazy and our last game didn't START until 2:00a.m.!!!
not the best pictures of the night, but proof that we were in fact there and that I really don't just make up stories about the things we do.
David had some good hits and awesome catches (and 1 collision with his brother in the outfield).
I got on base a few times, batted 1 runner to home, and had some pretty good plays at 2nd base. 
The Sunday after:
hims was tiwed.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The start of a quest

One day when we have our own house with walls that I can do whatever I want with, I'm going to dedicate some space for a "Generations of Love" or a "Windows of Love" gallery. I don't know which title I like best yet. 
Anyhow...The center would/will have our wedding photo, and then to each side of us our parent's wedding photos, and to each side of those our grandparent's wedding photo. 
I finally got a good scan of the only photo we have of Grandpa and Grandma Stolworthy's wedding day (or at least I was told this was taken on their wedding day).
love it. I want Grandma's coat! Such a stylish lady. :)
1 down. 5 more to go.

Summer 2011 Wrap quattro: Baby, You're A Firework

I find that song to be really annoying. FYI. But it fits the title. 
We made it home from Pine Valley in time to QUICKLY shower and find a spot to catch the fireworks show. They lit the show this year at the new Heritage Park facilities. We parked at the church and enjoyed it from the sidewalk.
baby girl fascinated with the lights. and a well-timed shot for Joe.
couldn't quite get meself in the shot, but D looks handsome even with the lazy-eye stare goin' on,  so I thought I'd share anyhow.
did I mention that we got ready real fast? As in my hair is still wet and that face is fresh out of the shower? Sadly, this look is not a terribly uncommon occurrence. Meh. Oh and, I totally enjoyed Miss Millie's star flashlight more than she did. :)
Happy belated 4th of July!!!
I get to meet baby Clark (Brianna and Milan's baby boy) in a few hours- yippee skipee!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MY husband IS that ONE Cintas guy...

Too dang funny.
I got a text from David sometime last week telling me to turn the radio on to 94.1. So I did. I missed the funny conversation that he wanted me to catch the end of, but about a half hour later they did a quick recap of what Mark and Mercedes had talked about and I heard something about, "Mercedes thinks Cintas guys are cute". 
That was all good and fun and I got a laugh from it. But when David got home and told me the whole story I was rolling on the floor. 
Mercedes doesn't think just any Cintas guy is cute in their uniform, but she thinks MY HUSBAND looks good in his blues. She mentions where she saw this Cintas guy (Starbucks) and she thought he was cute, and that Cintas' blue uniforms look good. Well, my David is the guy that services that Starbucks.
Small world folks, small world, indeed.
Hopefully this link works and you can listen to the podcast from a few days ago.
this is not my husband. Just a google image.
When Mercedes asked if that Cintas guy she saw is listening and if he could call in, David didn't want to. lol. He says, "I almost did. But then I figured I didn't have time to talk, I was working. And it would have been weird."
the end.

Oh dear, what have I done?

So I sent this email out to the Robbins family last night, and I think it's pretty funny and want it in our "blog book". And because if you Robbins are trying to ignore my funny, but completely serious and sincere, email then maybe you'll stumble across it on the blog!!! I believe the phrase, "two birds with one stone" is applicable here.
It would be helpful to mention that I'm the primary chorister for our ward. It's fun and exhausting and stressful, but mostly fun. For those of you that don't know what a primary chorister is: I teach and lead the songs in church for the children ages 3-12.
Without further ado: 
Hi everyone,
Remember that one family home evening this summer when we sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" and after the lesson I had a "Big Announcement" and you got all excited thinking it was going to be something really exciting, but then I let you all down by asking you to sing "Families Can Be Together Forever" in River Mountain Ward's primary program and now most of you think I'm crazy? :)
For those of you that weren't there or left early that particular evening, now you know what happened if you hadn't already heard. And for those that were there and didn't think I was serious about it because nothing else has been said about it since, this email is sitting in your inbox to make all of your worst dreams come true! :) I haven't sent a reminder/heads up sooner because 1- I'm a procrastinator. 2- In my mind, doing something like this isn't all that crazy because my [Stolworthy] family sings all the time. So it didn't really hit me that this family needs some convincing. 3- If I gave you too long to think about it, you all would come up with excellent reasons to not show up. So, I feel this 6 day heads up is a perfect amount of time. :)
I know you think I'm crazy, but here are some of my thoughts:
1) Our primary presidency really wanted this song in the program, and they wanted a family in the ward to sing it. Having already asked several different families to sing other songs for the program, they didn't know who they could/should ask.
2) I know this group isn't all for the singing and show choirs, but: having been an "outsider looking in" at this big ol' Robbins family basically my whole life up until two years ago, I have often thought how unique [and large] and truly amazing this family is! So when the question was posed to me if I could think of a family to sing, I immediately imagined what an awesome sight it would/could be to have as many of the Robbins group as possible up on the stand singing those powerful yet simple words.
3) There is power in numbers! I know most of you are not willing to stand up and sing in front of a crowd, but if a good portion of you show up, it won't be nearly as scary. So if you are one of the awesome people that do come to sing, and your family ends up being the only family up there, you can't get mad at me. :) Blame your siblings that didn't bring their family.

So here's what I'm asking/begging/pleading/wishing:

The program is THIS SUNDAY, September 18th. Sacrament meeting starts at 1:00p.m. I would love to have everyone be able to come, and everyone sing- Grandpa and GrandmaJune, parents, children, even the littlest ones that don't really talk yet. I know that that will be hard for those that already meet at 9:00a.m.
But here's the thing for those that don't want to go to a second meeting that day: you won't be sitting through another sacrament meeting filled with high council speakers or nervous teenagers [ not that I don't enjoy those talks]. It's the PRIMARY PROGRAM and all the kids are cute and fun to watch and it's always entertaining when that one kid totally yells in the mic and kills everybody's ears. Right? Right?
So, please please please PLEASE PLEASE: won't ya'll come sing with me? Well, I'll be playing the piano because my pianist said that song is tricky to play and she didn't have time to practice it. Which is fine. I just won't be singing with you. Remember power in numbers? 
I will make copies of the song for all of the adults. I will come to your house and practice with your family if you request. Or, you know, you could just sing through it (first verse only- how nice am I???) during prayer and scripture time each night the next few days. I have you all convinced to come??? If everybody could respond letting me know if your family will or will not be there, it would be much appreciated [if you feel it necessary, feel free to inform me that you think I am ridiculous as well]. I left out Dan&Mel and Wayne&Dina, obviously because they don't live down here. I included Scott&Finis because I know they will be here this weekend. mwahahaha

And I think that's all I have to say for now...
I look forward to receiving all of your lovely responses!!!! :)

(please don't hate me after this)

Summer 2011 Wrap tre

We all ducked out of the reception early to get packed and loaded into my mom's Yukon (thanks Mom!) and on the road to Pine Valley. We, the Henderson crew consisting of Joe,Feesh,Millie, D&G, and Zach, got there safe and sound late Friday night and all piled into the tent that the Panaca crew set up earlier that day before heading down for the wedding festivities. 
Saturday morning we got our fishing poles ready, and Giulia figured out how to use her VERY OWN fishin' pole. David insisted that she get one. Thanks honey!
After waiting for the Panaca crew that never showed up, we decided to get some fishin' done.
And boy did we catch some fish. Everybody caught at least two or three, actually it was more like five or 6. David was getting upset because I was reeling in more than him. tehehee

cleaning the day's bounty.
Zachy brought up his fish fryer (I don't know how we had room for that thing on the way up; David is good at tetris, and he's the one who arranged all the bags and supplies, so of course he was able to make room for it) and got to fryin' up everything for lunch/pre-dinner snacks on Sunday. It was tasty! Even David enjoyed the few bites he was willing to take.
Just hanging out. Not the best picture of anyone really. haha. But proof that the Panaca clan did finally make it Saturday afternoon with the trailer and all the food.
plum worn out from all the fishin'.

everyone except the parentals and Miss Priss, who was probably taking a nap.
proof of Millie's attendance as well as her "shoes" and only a snippet of Feesh's awesome shirts those three days. bahaha. :)