Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What can you do in 6 weeks?

Giulia can read 23 different articles, 2 books, totaling approx. 920 pages- give or take, probably more give.
She can write approx. 70 pages analyzing those pages + 22 responses of peer's discussion posts. In addition- 3 research papers, each at least 8 pages. As well as 3 extensive peer reviews (for each paper).
Not only can she do this in 6 weeks, but she did!
So happy to be done with this class.
Just waiting for the final grade to be posted.

p.s., this class, albeit the most demanding, has been a favorite thus far at NSC. It has been the first to really give me a challenge. BYU is just so much different. The competition is 100 times harder, the professors expect more from you, thus the classes are harder. And although it was annoying that 6 weeks of summer were consumed by this one class, I appreciate the work that was required. However, I do not appreciate that all I have done is sat on my big toosh and studied. Time to get back in shape....

Speaking of getting back in shape. ay yi yi. Truth- I am currently the least fit I have ever been. (Okay, MAYBE my first year of college was the worst) It is not fun. And it's hard to have fun when one is lacking so in physicality. For example. We went to the lake on Saturday. Tubed, wakeboarded, the works. I, Giulia, have moved slower than a turtle ever since. My whole body is so sore. I feel like I've been at a volleyball camp for a week (ahh, the good ol' days). Except I haven't. All I did was hang on for dear life while being dragged by a boat (tubing). Sat in the boat while others enjoyed the same thrill. My arms felt like limp noodles immediately after. And then rode a few wakes, which made my legs feel like jello afterwards. My point: it is better to make healthy living- eating and EXERCISE- an everyday priority, no matter how busy the schedule is. That way, when you do get a break to have some fun, that fun doesn't make you feel like you are 40 years older than you really are.

And couldn't help but laugh out loud after seeing this one:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


After setback upon setback, wedding "thank you" cards are finally done! Expect one in the mail shortly. :)
And if you don't happen to get one, I apologize in advance! Your address must have been misplaced and I am sincerely sorry. Or I have yet to find it, especially if the address is in Mama Robbins' hands. So, for some of you, it may take a bit longer. Again, I apologize!

Not having access to internet, not having a Costco membership to make the cards, not having the pictures we wanted, and then having computer malfunctions has made this relatively easy DIY postcard a long and annoying stress mess. Once we got all of our problems squared away and the postcards ordered, they arrived with our zip code printed wrong! I don't want to deal with sending them back and fixing them, so you are getting one as is. :/
I wanted to give up on this final aspect of wedding details altogether, but mother would not let me off the hook. Thank you, Mom, for reminding me of their importance and urging me to get'r'done.

It sure feels good to have this checked off my to-do list after 6 months!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some perspective.

"Life" is currently hitting us hard. If anyone wants to donate to D&G's pitty fund, we sure would appreciate it! :) Being poor college students can be fun sometimes, but right now we're tired of being poor and tired.
I, Giulia, constantly worry about how we're going to afford life. It seems like prices keep getting higher (gas, food, housing, TUITION), but wages have not kept up. So when we get in the "real world", how are we suppose to support our family? We're making it right now (barely), but the future scares me.
However, on the flip side of this, we are blessed. We are blessed to have each other. We are blessed to have families that love and support us and help us with way too much way too often. We love you all!

I received an email with a link to this video and it made me giggle and eased my mind from our present worries:

And that video reminded me of this video:

Who says the Stolworthy boys should do a reinactment of that at the YFR? lol.

And lastly, this gives me comfort:

Monday, June 21, 2010

High on a mountain top...

...is where we experienced one of many highlights for the weekend.
We took a little break from the family gathering and drove up the mountains. It was beautiful! AJ made it all the way up, no problem. I bet your car isn't as cool as AJ.  We saw a few deer and elk. And then had fun racing back down the mountain because we had Mama's video camera and she wanted it back ASAP. :)

We spent the weekend in Richfield, UT for a family reunion (Stolworthy's, we're sorry we missed the big party!). David's family put together a time capsule ten years ago and they decided to open it up. It was fun reading everyone's letter to themselves and seeing what objects they put in. David's letter consisted of his family members, hunting (of course!), and in particular what he and his brother Zach did a day previous to writing the letter- shooting a snake! (and something about lizards too). Near the end of his letter, he wrote how much he loved his dad (ironic that we opened it up on Father's Day), and then finished with his testimony. His letter finished with "in the name of Jesus Christ, amen." hah. It was awesome.
Also, 3 years after the original capsule was made, the family put in a few more things. Each kid had a piece of paper to fill out with their name, hobbies, favorite things, etc. The last question was: where will you be in ten years? David's answer: be married. Truly shocking! David had been professing that he would not get married for years, YEARs, after his mission. Apparently, he secretly wished the exact opposite. And lucky him! His wish was granted and he wed less than a year after his mission. funny!
Preston's answer, though, for that question was the favorite: Be a man, and work for the railroad. You got a few more years for that one, Prest!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life Changing.

Warning, this is extremely personal. Please don't judge. Just laugh. :)
You know these bad boys?
Well. Giulia just discovered that if you put this end of the seat cover...
...on this end of the toilet...

...that it sure makes for a smoother go in a public restroom. For years (approximately 20), Giulia has been placing her seat covers at the opposite end of the bowl. This [dis]placement frequently causes the paper cover's 'flap' to quickly absorb too much water and thus pull the rest of the cover down. By the time the britches were lowered, the seat cover would be gone and Giulia would have to pull another one out and place it on the seat before it too disappeared.
These days are gone. Yesterday during her bathroom break after a 4-hour biology lecture, for whatever reason she put the seat cover on this way.
The right way. The cover stayed in place! No more race to lower the pants before the cover drowns.
See, life changing.
And here's an old-ish picture. Logan bonked his head pretty good at Nonnie and Papa's one day. He was sad. But then we watched Up! on Giulia's (the fav. auntie! :D ) laptop.
Both parties were much happier.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And, that's right...

...it's Father's Day this Sunday. Click on the link and enjoy!

Pictures as of late...

Tagging Mama Robbins car outside K-Mart late one Saturday evening. Her driver's window read, "One Hot Mama". Photos are blurry. They were taken at night with David's phone. 
And.... one year later. At the Drive-In. (please excuse the large red eyes.)

One year ago, this is where David finally found the courage to hold Giulia's hand. He is so polite that he even asked permission to hold said hand before actually doing so. So sweet! (he doesn't ask anymore)
It went down like this: After pillowing down Grandpa's truck bed, we got comfy, munched on snacks, and waited for the movie (Up!) to start. Just before the film commenced, David leaned real close and shyly said, "um...can I hold your hand?" To which Giulia enthusiastically replied, "You didn't have to ask!"
To celebrate the momentous occasion, Team D&G went back to the theater and enjoyed another movie in the bed of the Subaru (AJ is so cool!). Before making it to the theater, they ate din din at Olive Garden. And before that, they did some time at the temple. :) 'Twas a lovely evening.
The following day, Sunday, David spoke in church. His talk was about the love of God, and he did awesome!!! Giulia appreciated the company of Grandpa and Grandmajune so she wasn't lonesome on the bench. Sorry, to those of you that wanted to come, that we didn't get the word out that D was talking. We're still not sure how the G's knew. :)
Oh and....during that same meeting, Giulia was sustained as the Ward Activity Director. Arrowhead Ward will be having some fun parties in the future!!! In total, since moving into the Arrowhead Ward, G has held 4 callings, and D 3, which equals 7 for the both of us (not including home/visiting teaching). We've only been here 6 months! Oh well, we're happy that we're healthy and able to serve!

Stumbled upon this little bundle of joy.

If only I had stumbled upon it when we were creating affirmations for Comm last semester. This is too perfect!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chin owies, payback, and a movie.

Chin owies: if anyone has seen TeamD&G lately and inquires about our chins our response is, "We fell off our bikes." The real answers as to why our chins look like we abuse each other are just too ridiculous to be the truth. 
The truth: For Giulia, what started as zit on our way to Provo (where we spent our weekend as slaves beautifying Keith and Keri's house) took over the right bottom half of her face as she slept. She woke up the next morning with half of Jay Leno's chin attached to her cute, dainty face. One side of her chin had blown up and was filled with zit-like fluids. Yum! That's not even the grossest part. What had once been one zit grew to 4+ other "heads" breaking out around it. That's not the grossest part either. The 4+ "heads" that had been disguising themselves as zits quickly took the form of cold sore "heads". GROSS! Sadly, this is not the worst part. As if this was not enough, some of the fluids (that are just bulging under the skin, giving the Leno chin) worked their way down to her neck, giving Giulia an "AdamsApple" looking lump. This lump was very tender when touched. And although the Leno chin has disappeared and only some scabby "heads" remain on the right side of Giulia's chin, the lump is still there! Ah! Although, thank heavens, it is not as sore or as noticeable anymore. If the lump doesn't disappear soon though, TeamD&G will be taking a trip to the doc'. grrreat. Maybe the doc' will do a "bibopsy and find some teeth of my twin" (My Big Fat Greek Wedding). 
The truth: David's story isn't as long or disgusting. Lonney threw a wood board at him, aiming for his knees. It was a windy day, and the board soared to D's face instead. Konked him right on the chin. David now wears a diagonal cut stretching from the right side of his lower lip to the left of his chin. woops! 
"We fell off our bikes" sounds better. And is a much shorter story! And sorry, no pictures. We don't have a camera. And anyone who saw Giulia's face may have spewed. So, really, it's a good thing that there are no pictures. 

okay, so here is one picture (courtesy of Ashley's facebook)
Notice that the I'm hiding the right side of my face...

And okay, I hate having posts without pictures, so here! This looks 1000x better than it did a few days ago. Lighting is drowning out the redness.

I'm sure the people sitting around me in this little study room on campus thought that I'm extremely strange as they watched me take photos of myself via the mac.

Payback: About a year ago TeamD&G snuck into Rob's garage. Actually, we didn't have to "break in" or crawl through any windows, because the front door was unlocked (at midnight-ish)! How convenient! So, we waltzed into the house, went to the garage and toilet papered the interior of his truck, and saran wrapped the outside (...using TP found in the house and saranWrap found in his kitchen...). If you know dear "Uncle Rob", then you know that he is a practical joker and that he always has his revenge. Well, a year later he finally got it. 
When we were first married, many threats had been made about booby-trapping our condo and the like. D&G would not give the house keys to anyone for anything. However, a few weeks ago, Giulia slipped. 
While Giulia was enjoying a nice breakfast of homemade waffles at Rob's one morning, she left her keys by the front door (as to not lose or forget them). Rob walked out of the office and there the keys were, just singing to him. (Imagine the skies opening, bright light shining through, and a chorus "ahhhh!"ing). This was a providential opportunity, and Rob took full advantage of it. Thinking quickly, he slid the house key off Giulia's key ring, and promptly left to make a copy. Giulia finished her waffle, left to go to her parent's house to find a box of lifeguarding shirts to give to Courtney, and came back to drop off said shirts. As she started the car to leave, Lindsey skipped out of the house holding a key! She said that it was just laying on the floor by the front door and asked if it was mine. "Weird," G thought. She looked at her keys. Indeed, her house key was missing! "It must have fallen off! Thanks Lindsey! How did you notice that and come out just in time to give it to me???" And then Giulia drove home. 
When D&G returned from their long weekend in Provo, Rob's Revenge was seen everywhere. Literally. Pictures of him (and Jerrick and Courtney) filled each pictures frame. The couch was moved to the bedroom, and the the bed to living room. For each pair of Giulia's shoes, the matching shoe was hid somewhere in the condo (microwave, cabinets, fan blades...). The bathroom sinks hot water was turned off. 
D&G vigilantly checked other things like: saran wrap on the toilet (nothing), gas turned off (nope), and Kool-Aid in the shower head. When they turned the shower on, no bright colors stream out, so they look up- and lo and behold there is a brand spanking new shower head!!! hahaha! Later we found out that Rob did, in fact, put some Hawaiian punch powder up there. But as he did so, it stained his hands pretty good, and because he does have a heart, he decided to take the powder out. As we he was putting the shower head back on though, it broke. Ha! He was kind enough to install a new one. 
The worst part of his payback so far has been the clocks. They switched the times on ALL of the clocks. We did notice this, and put the times back to normal. However, come Tuesday Giulia found out that she missed one! Giulia was at home, working on homework, thinking that she has 2+ hours until she has a piano lesson. Then she gets a call from Tracey, "Are we doing a lesson today???" It was actually 3:30. Lesson time. Not 1. grrr. "Sorry Tracey, I'll be right over!" :/ 
And if anyone comes to visit, the bed and couch have not been switched back yet. We kind of like it. Maybe it will stay for a while. It's fun having a TV in the "bedroom". 

And lastly, can't wait to see this: