Monday, October 31, 2011

Ta-Da! Halloween 2011

Not the best picture to show-case our costumes, but a picture nonetheless.
I think David turned out as a perfect Eric!!! I was so happy he was willing to go along with it. yay! :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Oh October!

Where did October go?
I refuse to believe that it's almost November. 
We have but a few pictures that explain what we (mostly David) have been up to all.month.long.

 From David's phone:
 two brothers snuggled in the truck trying to keep warm.
The first week of his hunt was miserable, so I'm told. Couldn't find the deer. Super fun weather. Freak hail/snow storms. And did I mention couldn't find any deer?

Week 2 of the hunt, Giulia was the hunter's chauffeur. She lovingly drove him all the way up on Tuesday. Camped and hiked the mountains all day long with him and Zach on Wednesday. Then drove him back home LATE Wednesday night. D left for work at 3:00a.m. Giulia had to be at work by 6:00a.m. Thursday was a long day for both.
from Giulia's phone:
home away from home?
Star-gazing. I really only took two pictures? I'm dumb sometimes. 

Third and final week we finally saw some results:
David and Dad's (Scott) bucks.
the mighty hunter! rawr.
"D and his guide" (Zach) packin' it out.
If I was in the writing mood, I'd tell ya'll the stories....
hmm....nope. Not in the mood. I have costumes to sew.
But I guess this is a good time for me to explain my view about a few things hunting:
1) hunting is an expensive hobby. indeed. But I've grown up with it, and it just is what it is.
2) "You want to kill Bambi???" To that never-ending question with the shocked face this is our response: I don't want to shoot Bambi. I'm hunting for Bambi's Grandpa. (David's words. not mine) Translation: We wouldn't shoot a doe or the baby deer (Bambi or his mother). The big [old] boys is where it's at!
3) [licensed and legal] Hunting is a great way to manage, and strengthen, wildlife populations.
4) Male-bonding time to the max. I love hearing all of the boys' stories. And I love LOVE love that David got to spend so much time with his brothers, especially Zach.
5) meat that you harvest yourself (i.e. deer, elk, etc.) is WAY better for you than anything you can buy at the store. 

evidence of the strange weather experienced this month:
This is outside the chiropractor's office. David walked in the door not one second after a huge crack of lightning hit this poor thing. 

and oh yah, this is Carlos:
he deserves his own post. one day.
in other news....
A few days ago we took these two to feed the ducks (and inevitably the fish as well) down at the marina.
they had a blast! (and so did we)

in front of a haunted boat by the dock!
Last night was spent freezing our tooshies off at "The Meadows School" for Prest's football game. 

Not a good picture, I know. I should probably crop and zoom in, yes. 
He's #32 and he's walking toward the sideline all tough-like after getting the tackle. woot woot!
And yes, he's the wittle freshman on varsity. Following his brothers' footsteps he is. 
Funny story time: We get in the car to head to the game. David turns to me with his hands and fingers stretched outward in a g-like fashion. with his two (2. yes, TWO!) huge State Champ football rings on and yells, "Are you ready for some Lincoln football???" or something like that, I really can't remember exactly what he said.  
He then chuckled to himself while taking off the rings and explaining, "I just really wanted to say that." 

look for our costume debut tomorrow! (who am I kidding, those pics probably won't get up here 'til next week....or month...)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{Tipful Tuesdays}...Basa Body

As observant Lindsey pointed out, there was nothing tipful here the last week. Woops! I drafted a title for this post with the intent of writing about it later. Oh that later, it gets me all the time.
So I guess I'll write about it for reals now and re-post it for tomorrow's Tipful Tuesday.
post-publish note: I told it to post tomorrow, but for whatever reason, it still posted. meh. Let's just pretend it's Tuesday, mmk?
Let's begin...
So mini story about what just happened. I ran to the basa body website to provide the link, and shoot. They have a video up there that explains everything way better than I can. Check it out! No really, you should, because I'm not going to write about it when it's a whole lot easier for me to just send you to the video.
K, so you watched that one-minute video, yah (did you miss the link?)? Good. Now I'll tell which product I buy and why I love it. (I would buy everything if budget would permit.)
The body stick is where it's at ya'll!
I use it as chapstick. 
I use it when I have a cold and my nose and surrounding skin tends to get rubbed raw from the constant blowing of the shnoz. 
I use it as a face moisturizer when I don't have my regular stuff easily on hand.
I use it on my dry knuckles and wrists (the result of almost-constant hand-washing).
I use it on rashes (but you don't want to know more details about said rashes, trust me).
I use it as hemorrhoid creme. (just kidding. Young Family joke.)
I get dry spots on my arms when the weather/seasons change. No amount of lotion or vaseline or oil has ever come close to working as well on those bad boys as this coconut oil in stick form does. 
I used it on Miss Priss's wind-burned face this summer and it worked like a gem. 
Why I love it:
besides the awesome company,
I feel like the oil really sinks in to my skin and works, instead of just covering a problem for a few hours (like vaseline or lotion). 
Also, lip-wise, I feel like chapsticks leave me needing more and more chapstick more frequently. Like there's some addictive ingredient in it or something. Or it just fades off real fast without doing much besides keeping them temporarily moist. 
With vaseline I feel like it just attracts the sun to my lips and burns them. humunuh. Plus I feel like vaseline always migrates off my lips and ends up all over my face. The body stick doesn't migrate, but if it did, I wouldn't mind.
Oh my trusty coconut oil. I slid some on this morning around 8:00a.m., and as I'm rubbing my pout together while typing right this second, I can tell you that my pretty lips are still smooth and soft.
ignore the running tank. I'm not being scandalous, promise.
It comes in a 1.5 oz and 2.5oz (i think).
Pictured above is the 1.5 oz stick. The diameter is a bit bigger than a quarter. 
Funny story: I'm so used to having this as my chapstick and getting all my lippage in one swipe (top and bottom at the same time) that if ever, on the rare occasion, that I use a normal sized tube of chapstick, it feels extremely foreign to have to swipe the stuff one lip at a time.
k, I'm rambling now. bye!
like this! one swipe!
Now, if I were really cool, I'd provide you with one of those promocodes. "Use TEAMD&G at checkout and get 20% off!"
Sadly, I am not that cool.
Sorry to disappoint! (don't try that fake code. I promise you, it will not work.)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Almost there!

Mi mama and papa

Young Grandparents (Mom's parents)

Robbins Grandparents (David's grandparents. Seriously, cutest love story. I should tell it to you sometime)
Only two more to hunt down!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Really, REALLY?

What's another month of torture? 1 down 1 more to go!
I love the new do'. But I'm still not used to seeing myself like this. 

Tomorrow's activinies: work. 6-1. stake baptism @2. homecoming numero dos hair and make-up time immediately after (not for me, silly). temple 6:30. family party, i'm sure. then sleep. sweet, glorious, sleep.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{Monday Confessional} with a little bit of Sunday Dessert

I'll let the pictures do [most of] the talking here.
As hubby was out hunting for a "monster" buck this week, I did this:
kind of shocked at how bright, yet how dark, it looked at this point
all done!
I love that when I walked back to my stylist's chair, one of my good friends from High School, Cami, was working on another lady. So fun and such a nice surprise! Thanks for the chat Cam, and thanks for bringing in your chunk of love for me to play with!!!!

Now it's time for some Sunday Dessert:
jacket: found at Marshall's, $10
dress: Wal-Mart rack baby (several years ago), $8
boots: found at Ross (Jr. year of high school!) $25
hair makeover took place at Kaya Salon, off of the 2-15 and Valle Verde by Miss Becca Bates! 
the [lack of good] lighting is making the hair look a lot darker. 
 And that is all the pichas I have of the hair at this moment.

Now this duo is a totally possible option for Halloween. 

Oh and, Husband LOVES IT! 
He got in really late last night, I was already asleep. But today he told me his thoughts were: 1- who is that in my bed? 2- oh yah, she (me) said she had a hair appointment. 3- cool, my wife is hott.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

GAS Reunion pics

I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves on this one, you know, like I'm supposed to on all the other "Wordless Wednesdays". 
More from the GAS reunion.
ya'll ready for picture over-load???
ready or not...
I think Mom looks so cute in this one! I hope I age as well as she has.
mmm foot good!
Spencer was definitely the boss of the grapes.
the whole fam damily.
The line-up:

sunshine, right in my face! Also, Logan put that little flower in my hair. awww.
the end. 

{Tipful Tuesday} Hair in Real-Time

Time is a funny ol' thing. 
I often marvel at how one's appearance can seem to change drastically to a beholder, but seem monotonous and same-ol same-ol to the individual (did I get that put into words in a sensible manner?).
For example, I looked something like this when the Mr. and I first met:

To this day I am shocked that David thought I was decent looking when we first met what with my chubbiness (the dreaded freshman 15) and bobbed brunetteness (totally a word...maybe) going on. Don't get me wrong. I loved my short, brown hair. I'm just surprised David recognized me as his soul companion because I really didn't feel quite like myself [chubby. short. brown hair. on a girl that has been relatively fit with long blonde locks her whole life]. (I guess that just goes to show that my spirit, and not my physical body, was really shining that night. I'm getting distracted...)
My hair is now it's original color (with the ends showing the remnants of the last time I did a box-dye 7 months ago).
And now, over 2 years since that star-aligned first meeting, I don't feel like I've changed that much. But while looking back on old pictures I've realized that my whole look is quite different.
I love having my long hair back. It's officially hit my mermaid status marker (you'll have to ask me in person about what in the world that is supposed to mean).
Boy, oh boy, does my hair grow like a weed. I can't imagine what it will be like when I'm 'with child' (one day, many many many days from now). I think at that point we can just start referring to me as Rapunzel.
There's a point to this, I promise, just stick with me. 
The thing is, I feel like I look like this most of the time:
And this week I'm just itching to change something about this mop. 
But I have a dilemma. 
Several, infact.
Dilemma 1: I've mentioned before that I struggle with having just anyone cut my hair. Andrea (the super awesome talented cousin) can do anything she pleases with my hair and I would trust her 100%. But alas, we live several hundred miles apart. I've slowly gotten over this and have finally become semi-comfortable with the idea of having someone else play my with hair. whew. 
Dilemma 2: I for reals want some fringe. But as mentioned above, my hair grows somewhat frighteningly fast. So my fringe would need some major upkeep- a.k.a. frequent salon visits a.k.a. more money than my cheapwadness is willing to dish in order to maintain fabulous looking fringe.
Dilemma 3: color. done with the blondie blonde right now. Which brings us back to dilemmas 1 and 2. While I've talked myself into letting a stranger cut my hair, I'm not so sure about the whole color processing thing. Seriously, Ann is amazing. I've been completely spoiled by her talent and her family discount. I'm aware that getting color is mucho expensivo. Especially on longer locks. 
Dilemma 4: I have never dished out money at a hair salon before. EVER.
Dilemma 5: the hair stylist is going to ask when I last had my hair cut. And I'll say, "November 2009". And they'll die of shock and disgust.
With all that being said, I'm going to be setting up some appointments tomorrow to drop dough for some hair care time this week before hubby gets back.
Not sure he'll recognize me by week's end. 
i love surprises, don't you?
If it turns out terrible I can just hide under a hat all day, right?
k, good.
or...I could just drive the several hundred miles just to have Ann fix my hair.
humunuh, decisions. decisions.
...and oh,'s Tuesday. Care for a tip?
I guess there are several to take away from this hairy post.
1) Make friends/family with an awesome hair stylist that you trust completely.
2) Don't ever move away from them.
3) Don't be a cheapwad, like yours truly, and be willing to put out some moonies for your tresses.
lastly, Ann makes cute babies:

Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's still up in the air.

I think I might rejoin bloggy land tomorrow,
but it's still up in the air. 

I do have some information for you though:
If you are in the Utah County area, you should check this out:
My SUPER AWESOME Uncle Andy and Aunt Jenelle are teaching. I so wish we lived up there simply to take advantage of this!