Sunday, December 25, 2011

Team D&G just got hotter.

meet our new baby: Glock.
Merry Christmas to us!!!!
We hope you and yours have had a merry and bright day yourselves.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Fest

Last Friday, or was it two Fridays ago???, Henderson put on a lights parade down on Water St. I haven't been to a Henderson parade since the last one I marched and or danced in. And we've never done one at night before! It was fun.

ahhh. the Brown Band!!!! Seeing this and Brenda's Dancers brought back many memories of many parades in years past.
Shelly was there too. With four kids. The one pictured not belonging to her.
Mrs. Claus!!!!

The boys loved any float that was pulled by a tractor, semi, or monster truck.

When the monster truck finished its parade, it parked right behind us!!! Score!!!

Spencer did not want me taking any pictures of him.

"I really love that I'm standing right next to this huge truck, but I refuse to show my excitement and smile for the camera. Giuweela, I refuse!!!"
And then there was Logan who was so excited I could barely get him to stand still and look at me and smile. He thought it was pretty cool that the tire was as big as him!

Pider-Man came up to the boys and flexed his muscles.

And then, and then, and then....finally it was.....SAAAANTAAAAAAAAAAH! I know him!!!!
The end.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


its different, i swear!
darker red.
thicker fringe.
and just a trimmy trim.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Snuggle Time!

They were cuddled up like this for well over an hour.

Friday, December 9, 2011


not us, silly.
But Chris graduated from the Clark County Fire Academy on Monday and I was able to go to the ceremony! 
go to Chris and Shelly's blog for more info and pichas!

Dad got to pin his badge

about to be sworn in

reading his assignment!

Dad is #1!

We really could be twins...if you look past the hair.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Little Lovin'

no smiles from Miss Priss
I think she's upset that I'm wearing her hair bow.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Gary Allen

Oh meeee. So glad I'm not a blondie anymore with a huge forehead and awkward grins.
I finally uploaded what pictures we have from the Gary Allen Concert back from September.
umm...scary shot of me...but Look how close we were! Front row!!!

This was a great concert!!! 
I wish I had some good videos to put up.
Alas, there are some perks to sitting in the back: when you're in the front row, your video/audio recording only picks up the bass. So most of our videos just sound like thump,thump,thump mumbo.

I don't remember if I told the story about how David landed these tickets. So I'll share the brief version.
David won Billy Curington tickets. And then won the grand prize drawing for a stay and dinner at the sunset station in addition to the tickets. Unfortunately, we were going to be in Panaca that weekend. So we gave everything to Chris and Shelly. Since everything was in David's name, he went to the hotel with Chris to check them in and get their tickets. David was told by the radio station to pick up the concert tickets at the ampetheater. The box office at the theater told him the radio station had the tickets. ???? To apologize for the confusion and inconvenience, the box office gave Chris and Shelly 3rd row tickets for the Billy Curington concert, and front row seats for the Gary Allen concert a few weeks later. 
And there you have it.
David is one lucky son-of-a-gun.

November wrap up

the Mr.'s birthDAY
He said I couldn't do anything real crazy or expensive because he spent so much on his hunt in October.
So I kicked it high school style and made him a CD. tehehe! 
But really, it is a great mix. 
For months I kept a track of "Country Boy" songs; anything about hunting, small towns, fishing, etc. I threw in a few "love" (You and This Ole Boy) numbers just to switch things up.
This is what I came up with:
and I'm currently listening to "Dirt Road Anthem". ha
When he got home from work on Wednesday he opened up his gifts.
David had the biggest grin seeing what the first track on the CD was. He's wanted that song for foreverrrr. 
Oh yah, I threw in some under armour work-out spanx.

Basically, he gave me the wife of the year award because he loves his little CD so much. He was surprised that so many of the songs that he's been talking about were on there. I feel like this little mix is proof that I do indeed listen to you darling!!!

Mer's birthday is on the 18th, so on Thursday night we went to dinner and a movie with the Turners.
We went to a gourmet Mexican Restaurant on Horizon where you could see the entire valley from the wall to wall windows. Michocaun???or something. 
David got a burrito the size of a newborn.
 and he ate the whole thing.

Afterwards we went to the midnight premier of Twilight: Breaking Dawn. I'm still shocked that both David and Turner agreed to come. They were pretty funny all night pretending to swoon with all the women. Their best performances were during the blood drinking and the birthing scene. David has a history of not doing well with human blood and guts. "Come on!!!! This isn't some ER doctor's show!!!!" Those were David's he cowered into his seat, behind his hands, and into Turner's arms. hahahaha.

Let's pause from this November wrap for a moment to talk about Giulia's thoughts on Twilight:
She read the books. Enjoyed them. 4th book was somewhat awkward to read. The movie was sometimes painful to watch.
She's seen the movies. Was really excited for the first. That excitement was quickly turned into horror. My sister put it best, "They're [the movies] like a train wreck; you can't help but watch".
One of the good things I've always had to say about the movies is Jessica. Holy MOly!!! I don't even know her name, but that actress nailed the part. Loved it. Too funny. 
Watching this movie just made me beyond stoked for the Hunger Games!!! seriously. cannot. contain. myself. Big news!!! David listened to [almost] the entire first book on our little road trip to Idaho last week (fell asleep for a bit during the first couple chapters; Mom and I filled him in when he woke up). And he really liked it!
Moving on....

We journeyed to Ideehooo! 
It was fabulous to hang out with family that we hadn't seen for a while because we missed the summer reunion. Food, games, volleyball for hours, more games. My mom's family knows how to party right. D and I ducked out for a bit so I could show him around the thriving metropolis of Terreton/MudLake. He loved it. [naturally]
Friday we went to the Idaho Falls temple with a lots of family. It was fabulous!
Then it started snowing on our way back to Rexburg. When the little flurry was finished, I pulled David out to the trampoline cause I wanted pictures with the snow. 
If I felt like being tricky, I would take those two photos and turn them into one. One with both of us in the air at the same time...
Also on Friday, we went over to Aunt Dianne's house (Dad's sister) in IF. One subject leads to another and eventually Dad was telling stories of Grandpa and Grandma Stolworthy (Dean & Azalia). Loved it!!!! This is a rare occurrence, so when the stories come you have to listen up. I treasure this memory and the stories shared.

Saturday we hung out in Provo all day with my brothers and their families. Lovely!
Our journey North was just Mom as the chauffeur, and D&G. We added Dad to the caravan Thursday morning. Our journey South we also added Levi and Ashley. It was a packed car. But enjoyable. We got home Saturday night. And our duffel is still packed. Time for laundry! [oh wait, I've been waiting to do laundry all week, but whenever I'm home, that thing is goin, goin, goin. Only slightly irritating...)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

All Done! [for now]

Remember when the front of our little space used to look something like this?
(ignore the bottom two pics)

Well, check it out now!
I got home from St. George on Saturday to find that David finished setting the last couple stones in our pathway AND put in a cuhute little planter box for me!!!
I love it. 
Monday I ran to Lowe's to get flowers and some good dirt and immediately got started on putting all these pretty things in my own little front yard. ;)
I think it turned out great!
From the front door
from the car door
from the top of our little pathway
Did I mention that I love it???
ALL of the stones and retaining wall bricks were leftovers just sitting in the corner of Grandpa's backyard. This project was pretty darn close to Free.99. Which makes it even better!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Twenty-Four years ago today...

...a hunter was born.
 Is he not the most adorable thing ever????
For David's birthday I've been working on a little something that required some pictures. 
Well, ask and ye shall receive! I only asked for a few specific photos, but Mama loaded me up!!! I love them all. And although I'm not using any of these ones for my little project (which isn't finished yet and will turn into a Christmas gift instead), I have to share them. David is too cute! He melts me. I think it's safe to say that our children will be beyond adorable. 

Sports Stills
hahaha. he HATES this picture!
After the State game with Felicia
Senior Photo
Ok, I'm done now...'til next year!!!
and...oh right. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!!
I love you!
One quick fact about the man:
Anyone who knows him, anyone that has worked with him, anyone who has heard about him, and those who are closest to him have only the best things to say about him.
I think that is a huge compliment and so telling of what a good GOOD soul he is.
I am humbled on the daily that he chose to marry me!