Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Don'cha wish yer Wife...

...wore Camo like me!?
g camo
David finally finished his classes for the summer!!! To celebrate, we journeyed to Sportsman Warehouse waayyyy out in vegas and wandered their aisles for a few hours. We could spend all day in that place. Afterwards, we dined at Smashburger- wowza. So good!
And lucky me! We finally found some camo that fit me and was matching brand/patterns. Every time we look to outfit me,  there is either nothing in women's sizes, they're sold out of my size, or the correct sizes are in different prints. Not just at the warehouse, but anywhere. arghh! But this trip was a success! 
Something else we're celebrating this week- David's last 4 days at Cintas!!!!! Glory, glory, hallelujah has been ringing in my mind, and I might occasionally burst it out. Cause seriously. We are so close to having a normal life back!!!! 3 more days now. just 3.more.days!
David is finally taking the plunge and going to do school full time. Something that is near impossible while working full-time at cintas. Which means we're doing a role-reversal and I'll be the one working full-time. I have a few items in the fire right now, we'll see if anything works out. If not, we'll survive on what I make teaching piano. 
I am so excited for David! He can finally sleep ( I was going to say have a normal sleep schedule, but really what it comes down to is that he can finally sleep. period.). We can finally stay out a little later and party with family and friends without having to be home around 7:30-8 so David can get a "nap" in before leaving for work. We can finally fill his school schedule with more than 6-9 credits and not have to triple check that they start sometime after 5 p.m. He can finally really start pounding away at school! He is so close to being done with his Associate's degree and has worked soo so hard. I'm super impressed with how high his grades are and how many classes he has tackled while working full-time. Have I mentioned that I LOVE that he is such a hard worker??! Single ladies, take note: the man you want to marry is one who knows how to do work! This fall is going to be very different one for us. Only one of us will be going to school- David. And only one of us will be working- me. We've both been doing both since we were married over 2 years ago. It will be nice for both of us to be able to focus on just one thing. Although, David is saying that once school starts and he gets a feel for the work load in his classes, he would be willing to work part time. Love that man! The only thing that has us worried about this life change is not having health insurance anymore! We take solace in that we're both healthy as racing horses (har har), minus the occasional cold sore outbreaks (of which I am suffering from right now and David is on the verge of one...), and we hope we can stay that way until we figure out what to do.
How's that for a life update? More details later...

Monday, July 30, 2012

July Adentures

Two weeks ago we headed North for the annual Young Reunion. This year it was held at a barn in Loa, Utah-  close to Capitol Reef. 
We weren't able to go to the party last year, so it was so nice to be able to see family again and play and have fun. Sadly, I did not take a single photo. Things I wish I had captured:
the girls (me, Paige, Tab, Erin, and Derity)
the little kids jumping from bed to bed to bed to bed to...up in the barn loft
crazy people (david and myself included) playing volleyball in the pouring rain
redneck slip'n'slide ( lined up the plastic topped picnic tables, add a little soap, run jump and slide)
"we are young" sing-a-long (we could give MoTab a run for their money...wait, do they have monies?)
I love this family so much and I am so blessed to be a part of it! 

After partying with the Youngs, David and I camped up at Fishlake. Oh, we did some fishing too. ;)
It was rainy on and off, but we still had fun. 
We rented a boat and stayed out on the lake for as long as our rental time allowed.
david fishlake
The deal was if I had the biggest catch of the day, David had to eat the fish! (cooked by me)
If David had the biggest catch, I had to clean the fish. 
giulia fishlake
I don't know what happened because I gutted the fish, and David ate it too...bytheway, that fish was delish! David said if I cooked fish like that every time maybe he would eat more of it. 
My monster eating David's catch
The next day we turned South and took the scenic route back home.
We had to pull over and stare at this for a while
And then we continued on to Zion!
to hike this (Angel's Landing)

On our way up! About to tackle Walter's Wiggles
We made it to the top!

Yes, I realize that my clothing color selection is something to be desired. Reerr!
I sported braided piggy tails, per David's request. He always asks me to wear my hair like this, I don't know why, and I never do. So for this trip I decided to finally give him what he wanted.
  On the way down the wiggles: 
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 

Bucket List item check! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

{Wordless Wednesday}

For sheeziously to my neezy,
it is sooo hot! 
Is there no escape!?
Free slurpee day only provided a moment of relief. 
and yes, I'm aware that my wordless wednesdays are never free of verbage.

Monday, July 9, 2012

July the 4th!

Homework, homework, homework.
more homework.
family BBQ.
fireworks (where we took notes on the symphony for one of David's classes...how romantic!)
awful photo, I know. 

The 4th is a favorite holiday of mine/ours. 
Proud to be Americans!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

{Sunday Dessert}

I found these photas layin' around from a few months ago:
guys, don't look at my hair. It looks all dry and gross. After seeing this picture I started pulling coconut oil through my hair about once a month. It's been working wonders! 

shirt: H&M
Skirt: found at an estate sale for a whopping $0.50
shoes: found at Plato's Closet
belt: i think I also found that at Plato's...and after squinting through these photos (I seriously could not look up because it was so bright outside) I realized I wore it upside down all during church. humunuh.

And oh yes, this reminds me. As I'm sure you figured out by now what with post about Girls Camp...I was released as the primary chorister at the end of April and put in as the Laurels Adviser. Talk about BitterSweet! Aycheewahwah! I love my little primary singers and miss them so much! I check in on them like those parents dropping their kids off at nursery...sigh. However- my week seems to be a lot less stressful knowing that I don't have to plan a jr. and sr. singing time anymore. Now I get a different kind of stress as I plan gospel doctrine-esque lessons for the 16-18 year old girls. Oy! It's been fun so far. We have a "bawl" every week!  

Saturday, July 7, 2012


It happened again.
Somehow we got talked into playing in the midnight madness softball tournament. 
This year wasn't too shabby.
Double-elimination. We played four games. You do the math. 
midnite madness
Some of my favorite boys before the 4th game.
That 4th game started at 2:45a.m....on Saturday. Our first game was at 8:20p.m....on Friday. Sounds fun, right? Poor David. He was up around 2 (24 hrs earlier) for work on Friday morning. Got home, helped me slice and marinate deer meat, worked on homework, took a test, and then we rushed to the games. By the time we got home, showered, and in bed it was 4:30a.m. Oy! He had one, long, day.
Speaking of meat, we have about 15lbs of it that we're getting ready to dehydrate right now to make jerky. Now that's a lot of meat! Had to clean out and make room before the next big game (and I don't mean softball) delivery. If you want some let us know because we certainly won't be able to eat it all. We just didn't want to waste the meat (somehow the freezer door was left open a few nights ago and most of the freezer's contents thawed.)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More from Disney

Lookey, lookey!
I found another picture from our Disneyland/California Adventure trip.
They had Mater and McQueen out to get people excited about the new Cars Land that was opening soon (it opened in June).
I'm excited for when we go back (many, many, many years from now) and we can explore Cars Land!

Girls Camp

Just a few pictures:
My Laurels
So You Think Can Dance!
I made that bad boy. I love how it turned out!
Some of the leaders.
Holly and Me right before we took off with our biker boyfriends.
Perfect way to end a Personal Progress PJ party? Facials!
Making headbands
leaders on the hike
Now that camp is over, I can get my brain back and think about and finish other things on my summer to-do list! hooray!