Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A few random things that I've been wanting to write down: 
A few weeks ago as I grabbed a quick bite to eat at home, the tv was on and "Ellen" happened to be playing. I guess she does a weekly "Clumsy Thumbsy" segment that showcases the best submissions for texting auto-correct failures. Watching this reminded me of some pretty good ones that we've experienced over here.
The latest:
Giulia- just finished my paper! yay!
David- wood wilt soot :)
David- Hehe that was supposed to be woot wooot woooot. 
David- I LOVE YOU!!!!! So this morning I can't stop smiling. And I realized why is because all my farts are about you. [he then goes on with a texting version of a love letter. It was an extremely sweet little note to wake up to at 6:12 a.m.]
Giulia- Wow. That was a nice lone note to wake up to. I love you too! P.s. you forgot to mention that I'm your favorite cook. :) ...and I don't know if you meant to say this....but you should reread what you sent, especially the 3rd sentence. I guess the word you used makes sense [I did cook some dang good chili the night before]. haha
David- Ha ha ha. OOOOOppppsss. Farts was suppose to be thoughts. :)
babysitting Sabey one night more than a few weeks ago
Giulia- We're going to the movies!
Megan- Sweet. Which one?
Giulia- Pissed in Boots! Don't know why but David's been wanting to watch it. 
Giulia- ah! PUSS. Puss in boots. 
Megan- hahahaha. auto-correct fail. 
Those keep making me laugh so I figured I'd put 'em up on this here blog to continue my enjoyment in the future. 
Speaking of the blog, I finally ordered my "blog book" of my giu-sto blog. It came about a week and a half ago and I love it! It also reminded me why I actually do the whole blog thing: simply to chronicle our life. I don't take pictures just so I can blog. And I don't blog just to make myself take pictures. If we're out and about and I happen to think to snap a photo, I might blog about it just so David and I can better remember all the happenings and going ons about that photo. We could care less about how many followers and page hits/week our little domain of the web has. Although comments are super fun, we don't post hoping to get x amount of comments. This is not a place where we update the world about every.little.thing that is going on in our life. That's for our personal journals. I like to think of this as our photo album, but with more words. You've seen the photo albums with every pocket stuffed with a random picture and quick memo about where and when that photo was taken. Those family photo albums are what this blog is for us. [but with lots more words]
I imagine our children looking through our shelf of family blog books and being able to laugh and smile about how young Mom and Dad used to look (and oh my gosh look at mom's red hair!!!). But besides just getting a glimpse of what Mom and Dad's life looked like "way back when", they can read the stories that belong to the pictures as well; stories that will one day be all about them. 
This is also a place to jot down things that we don't want to forget, and that we feel is appropriate to be accessible to the world wide web. Like the above, random, Clumsy Thumbsy, or yesterday's thoughts on Sunday Services.
Because we are human, we {I} might sway in and out of this middle ground I've established, but I know that I'll always come back to this outline.
Remember that one time when I thought I would teach the world how to do their hair? Or I thought I was some sort of fashion blogger? I realized that there are plenty other blogs out there dedicated to things like that. And that truly, the only reason I blog is to have a place to write and safely store our memories. 
 now that I'm done with that shpeel that has been brewing for quite some time, here are some pictures of the jeep's dashboard strewn across the garage. 
The heater won't work. Not really a big deal what with the heated seats and living in a desert and all. The air flow itself is also a little sketchy. But D is determined to get to the bottom of it. Turns out, to fix the minor problem (something about doors in the vent system...what do I know? Oh, I know how to check the oil, change a tire, and drive stick. Basically, I know nothing.), the whole dash had to come out. With David's schedule, he's only able to work on his beloved Jeep every other day or so. Hopefully by the time he gets around to putting everything back, he remembers how all the wires are crossed and where all the screws go. Oy vey!
Oh and, Grandpa, we're real sorry that the steering wheel fell down right on your face. But I'll keep telling everyone that David punched you, just cause that version of the story is funnier. Love you!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Kinds of Love

As I was in Nursery surrounded by lots of little singers this morning, 
I realized that I am incredibly happy.
And that Sundays are so good.
And that I need Sundays to buoy me up and prepare me for the new week ahead. 
We all need some Sunday Love in our life. 

just wanted to put this out there so I can remember what I felt today.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The end of Vday Lovin'

For the day of love, David got a Camelbak groove (he's finally part of the club!), and part 1 of 2 of football display cases. Only he didn't know it was two parts.
I gave David this display box on Vday, and he loved it.
Two days later I surprised him again with this bad boy:
 He really loved it! 
These display cases were supposed to be his birthday present, in November! And then they got pushed to Christmas. ...and yah. But they're finally done! I think they turned out great. And David LOVES them, so I'm happy. 
 Here is our valentine's day picture! David had a date with a boho. yay! 
I had class till' 10...but skipped out at 9. Saw "The Vow" at 9:30. And then went to Applebee's at 11:30. We usually don't do the late late night thing, so this was out of the ordinary for us. But it was fun.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Little People

Got to spend some time with these pretty things the last few days.
Miss Jade is quite good at getting where she wants to be, no crawling necessary. She just rolls and rolls until she arrives at her destination. It's pretty funny to watch.
Sabey loved my sunglasses and asked to wear them whenever we were outside or in the car. When she was in her own size car, she danced her cares away.
Speaking of cars:
the Jeep is up and running great!
As we were getting ready to go to the DMV on Saturday getting it registered and licensed ($$$$$ boo!), we noticed that the previous owner didn't sign the title! annoying. We called and texted but they didn't get back to us til' Saturday night. Hopefully David can arrange a time to meet up on Monday to get this minor detail out of the way so we can get the Jeep legal to drive. Because, as luck would have it, the Dodge is undriveable (is that a word? I think not). One of its many problems is that the front passenger tire has a leak, and David has to put air in it every other day or so. Friday after work he went to put air in it so he could get home because it was completely flat, but the air stem was gone. Broke off or pushed down into the tire. So David drove home, on the freeway, with a flat tire on the verge of a blow-out. Ahhh! My stomach did flip flops as he told me this. Anyway, David has the Subaru, which leaves me borrowing cars, asking for rides, or walking. Which I don't mind, it's not like I have very far to go these days. It just would be nice to have our "new vehicle" officially ready to go.
Still have a few minor things to fix, but we'll slowly be getting to those. I don't know why I just used "we". Clearly, David is the one that has fixed everything and will continue to be the superman and fix things up as needed. He's so handy to have around.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scenes from the Weekend

Preston had bball games down here this last weekend, so we were at those on Friday and Saturday. Saturday, per P's request, we introduced Ch, Shelbs, and Taylor to Chicken Shack (formerly known as Chicken Bonez). I could eat those fries every.day.of.my.life. 
P.s. Chelsie, Shelby, and Taylor- it was great to see you three!!! Come back any time. 
Then we had some fun with the fire pit outside. Best 'smores I've ever had! (Thanks for the wood, Grandpa!)
Other important events: Prest FINALLY got his rifle that he won in a Big Buck contest for the 2011 deer hunt. He was more than happy to show it off for his big brothers.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Can't breathe

I've been watching my boyfriend do p90x with a backpack FULL of HEAVY textbooks. 
whooo! heee.heee.hooo.
as if p90 isn't hard enough

After watching in awe and recovering my breath, I decided I should probably get up and do something myself. 
Today was a "light" day for me, here's what I did: 
50 jumping jacks
10 push ups
20 sit ups
25 mountain climbers
30 second plank
30 lunges
40 toe touches
50 second wall sit
100 jumping jacks
50 second wall sit
40 toe touches
30 lunges
20 squats
50 jumping jacks 
10 push ups
20 sit ups
25 mountain climbers
30 second plank

.:otherwise known as a pyramid workout:.
(modified by mwah)
It doesn't take much time, it's simple, no special equipment needed, you can do it anywhere and I highly recommend it for a quick "tighten and tone" session (or as an every day wake yourself up; no coffee or 5-hour energies needed in this house [nor have they ever been present]).
note on push-ups: be a big girl- get off the knees!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Month of Love

It's the love month, people!!!
I've never been one to really get into Holidays, ESPECIALLY Valentine's. 
But for whatever reason I felt like doing something a little special this year. 
I left this out for David to find yesterday.
I had to move it twice in order for him to notice it. hahaha! 
 Hopefully he has better luck finding this one, sitting in plain sight, today when he gets home.
Did I make these cute printables myself? No. I don't have the computer programming nor the cuteness capabilities.
I don't know how I stumbled on her blog one night, but she has some pretty cute stuff.