Thursday, March 17, 2011


We really should not be allowed out in public sometimes.
Especially me. zoiks!
However, out in public we go!
Like for instance: the Drive-In.
We celebrated my birthday a little early, knowing that David would have work off on Wednesday. Our original plan was to go camping. But that didn't pan out- good thing too, hello crazy March winds! That would have been fun waking up to while in a tent in the middle of nowhere.
Plan B: Tuesday Family Nights at the Drive-In. 4 bones[ish] a person for a double feature! sweetness. It was so nice having David awake past 8:00p.m. and we could actually do something together! We saw Red Riding Hood, and The Adjustment Bureau. I liked them both. And I especially liked snuggling with the man in the bed of the Subaru while sipping gingerale, munching on popcorn, and chowing down on a $5 pizza. 5 star birthday dinner right there.
Blurry and Awkward.
Slightly Better.
Ignore my scraggily hair.
Too bad we only took pictures as we left eh? By the time we got set up and settled in, we realized we left a camera in the car, and we were way too comfortable to get up and get one. So, as evidence that we did, in fact, go to the drive-in, notice the mats in the back used to pad down the bed. 

Wednesday morn we slept in [oh glorious sleeping in past 2:00 a.m.! David loved it], went to Denny's for some grub, hunted for treasure at Saver's,
went to the Archery Range,
where I used a recurve bow (without sights!) and got pretty good,
And unfortunately got no photo of said bow in my hands so really, this photo is totally invalid, but you believe that I shot those arrows and hit that yellow from 15 yards don't you? Don't you?
sojourned to Ross and finally got me a big ol' clock!, (when it's on the wall I take a photo for show and tell) and ended the day with a smoothie from Trop Cafe (coupons for a 24oz for $.99). mmm.
The best birthday celebrating before a birthday ever! I love having David all to myself all day. 
And now we have matching sunglasses. muahahaha. I found mine at Forevah XXI online, ~$4.99. David found his at Ross today for $5.99. We love not paying full price for stuff when you don't need to. :) I think that message shined throughout this post. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring is in the air.

Spring most definitely is in the air (while typing this I'm listening to chirps and whistles and koos of the birds), thus calling for a shift in wardrobes. Time to pack away coats and sweaters! 
Did some shopping yesterday and found some pieces that are perfect for Spring. Ashley emailed a coupon for a one-day-only sale at DownEast: 40% off all dresses and skirts. I'll take that, thank you! 
This facebook thread reminded me of a few thoughts I wanted to share from said shopping experience:

My purchases are inconsequential at this moment (because I'm sure you'll be seeing them in the future). However, any suggestions on brown flavored dresses for a wedding in May?
Anyway, back to the story.
The store was packed with Moms and big strollers and little kids (let's not comment on what that might suggest about my fashion choices). The store is tiny already with little elbow room as is. So any time I turned around to flip through a different rack, I was tripping over a small child or stroller. And would then back out and walk in circles until I could reach the rack my eyes were currently set on. 
I mentioned small children, yes? Well each of those children had a small meltdown at least once, and since the Mommies were busy looking at clothes, the small children got thoroughly ignored for 5 minutes until their crying broke Mommy's shopping concentration. During my first of two rounds in the dressing rooms, I was tempted to shout something like, "Hey, does anyone hear an upset toddler? Or is it just me?" After making my purchase I was beyond content to walk out of the store and enjoy my [quiet] ride home...dreaming of the day when I'll be one of those Moms! hahahahaha.
Now, having retold my shopping experience, I'm sure I've, what's the saying?- hit a nerve, with someone out there. But before you get all up in my face about "well you try shopping with 2-3 kids and see how good you can do it!" (did I not just say that I'll totally be that Mom in the store with a bunch of kids one day?) Let's understand something. I tell this story not to get a rouse out of you, but to simply say (ok, so this wasn't very simple. I get a tad wordy sometimes, sue me): We're happy with just the two of us right now.  :) 

Also, I'm currently loving CoverGirl's new! NaturalLuxe lip balm.
Much easier to use than lipstick and holds color longer than gloss by itself. 

Happy Friday people!!!


It's been midterms time over here.
not pleasant.
Giulia finished her last ones on Wednesday. And is now officially on Spring Break!
David has one more to finish tomorrow. Goooo David!!!
The weather has been perfect. We're talking 75 people. Seriously, so perfectly pleasant. So not looking forward to being scorched this summer. 

What else is crazy is that Ashley asked me to take her engagement photos.
I'm sure she will be posting more on her blog in the future. So check them out in that there direction.
I basically acted the part of a super duper smart tri-pod. And David was an excellent prop holder.
And can I say that I got a sneak peak of their invites and just about died. Such cuteness.
Of the 1,000+ photos snapped last Saturday with Ash's fancipants camera, David and I got one of us! woohoo!

We had a fine time hanging out with these two twitterpated love birds all afternoon/early evening. Seriously, they are so engaged, sooo lovey dovey, so cute and fun!
Stopped at Toto's for din...
Where Levi unveiled his true identity...

We had lots of fam in town just to see this little one.
Getting lost in David's eyes. Or as I like to call it,
 "being put on David's spell".
Got a smile...almost, sorta!

Krugh is funny. And still has copper hair. Yaya!

Finally got to see Q play some ball!
With the #3 on his back, it was no wonder he had mad skills on the court.

We're exhausted.

Random odd photo:

Last craziness: I'll be a real [adult] in like a week. Strange indeed. 
Peacin' out- David's alarms just went off. Good morning, good day, and good night!
Cue ending.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Sweep

This month went by so fast, I couldn't keep up [on the blog]. Quick review of what we were up to the last two weeks or so [not including school or work].
Dallin's baptism and getting our phones all switched to our own account. How strange, we're big kids now with our own phone bill (instead of still being on our parents' plans. )
1. After finally finalizing our phone plans and heading back to join the party for the Dallin.
2. Making sure David was in bed whilst I stayed up late sewing...

...sewing these cute aprons for these cute girls...
Saw this guy play some ball. He's the rock star of the team, but also the biggest team player. Way to be Prest! And I found out my phone doesn't take the best action shots, so this is the only non-blurry picture I have, because they're all just waiting for the foul shots. 

Had a super fun dinner and game night at Tyler and Cory's with Milan and Brianna....and took no pictures. Woops!

Was the lucky one who got to have Miss Priss all to herself for a few hours.

Journeyed out to Raising Cane's with Joe, Feesh, and Miss Amelia. One too many hilariously embarrassing stories were shared. 

Did some landscaping.

Let's be honest, David did most of the work while I supervised. Rocks cleared out (I always complained about how I was going to twist an ankle one of these days tip toeing through that mess in the dark or in high heels.), trailer gone!, dirt raked, paver stones put down. It will be a work in progress for a while, so when it's done I'll put up a finale photo.

Finally did our $20 date as per the Ladies losing this night. A not so typical "Dinner & Movie" date.

We did our best to dress up with what we had as "red" and "blue" gnomes. I made our hats 10 minutes before leaving using my mini stapler. David's was paper because that's the only blue material we had. And mine was cut out from an old red shirt and structured with crafting wire that I had in my odds and ends box. And, try as I might, I could not get him to let me make his cheeks extra rosy.

I like him. 

Had our second Date of the Month with "The Club" for pictures once again. Woops! But we had fun and got to make a few more friends. Look at us, being all social and stuff. (Another "New Year's thang")

And on the very last day of the month we had a little dinner outside at the fire pit. Yum! We have been wanting to do this for weeks, but it seemed that every night we were both home and could do it, the weather was terrible- i.e. freakish wind storms. But tonight was perfect. Just cold enough to snuggle close to the fire and enjoy being outside together. A lovely way to end the "Love Month".

Trying and never succeeding to get a picture of us and the fire. Oh well...

And David didn't want us to shower when we came inside so that we could snuggle and still smell the wood smoke while falling asleep. MMMmmmm. Who else loves the smell of a good campfire?

Oh and it is worth mentioning that the chipmunks have been thoroughly evicted. Grandpa is super clever and set up a trap where only the chipmunks inside the house could be trapped. One by one six little balls of fluff came out during the day. And one by one Grandpa relocated them to the desert.

And... in a half hour the month of March will be here! Not that I'm biased or anything, but I must say it is one of my favorite months. Bring on Spring 2011!