Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday Dinner at the Blue Bayou

It's true. While we were having the time of our lives in Disneyland on my birthday, we splurged and had dinner at the infamous Blue Bayou restaurant. You know, the one you float by on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride? Yet again, this was another item on my "Things that Giulia has never done at Disneyland and must be accomplished on THIS trip" list. 
candlelit dinner. in the mansion's backyard. right next to the water.
I know the bottom right picture is horrible. But those dots of light are the passengers of a ship passing by. Fun!
I got the salmon dish. BEST SALMON I HAVE EVER HAD. period. hands down. no argument. drooling just thinking about it.

Friday, April 13, 2012

These two

Working hard to get a smile from Lydia.
 General Conference Weekend 2012
a.k.a. Chris and Shelly Fam visit Panaca!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Last weekend in March

These guys happened to be in the same part of the state as us, so we met up with them to do some fishin'.
David totally beat me this time. David- 4 with a ton of hits; Giulia- 0. Firsts for everything! ;)
David got a normal sized trout for this lake; a small one; a baby one; and a huge mama!
The boys each got one and were so excited! It was fun to watch and help them out. They both know how to cast really well, regardless of their age. Spencer sat next to me for a bit and each time I cast out really far, he'd assure me that I would get a fish.
They swore that it was their lucky fishing vest that worked the magic. So after Logan got his fish, Spencer got one first, they handed it to me to put on so I could catch one too. So sweet. As I'm squeezing myself into this fishing vest made for toddlers while wearing a bulky hoodie sweatshirt, Spencer looked up at me and said with all seriousness, "That fits you really dood." And then went along his merry way as I tried to maneuver a fishing pole while feeling like I was in a straight jacket.
The rest of the time was spent hanging with family and watching general conference. Oh and, Nessie hosted a Norwex party! yeehaw!
General conference weekend in Panaca was great! There are always good times and good food to be had in P-Town. 
And then we got home and I watered my babies:

Saturday, April 7, 2012


See, we really did go visit Ash and Levi. Thanks for the fun games and good food you two! We had a great time!
Kinnect boxing. It's hard to box when you're laughing.

dutch oven pork! delish.
Ashley, is this really the best picture that we got? sheesh.
Post church. Pre D&G departure.
Sisters! can't ya tell?
One of the highlights of the two days was learning how to play the card game Bang! Thanks for patiently teaching us Levi. :) Make sure to bring that one with ya'll to the next family gathering.

Friday, April 6, 2012


On Tuesday night of our Disneyland adventure, we wandered over to The Rivers of America to catch the Fantasmic show! I think that's what it was called anyway. It was awesome! But the evil witches are really creepy and could totally be nightmare inducing for small children.
And then we went and waited in line for the AtroOrbiter ride, or something. The one for kids at the entrance for Tomorrow Land with space rockets and planets. Yah, we waited in line for that ride. Because, hello! I had never done that one before and I was on a mission to go on the rides that I had never been on. Mission accomplished, again!

Also, about an hour and a half ago, we got home from a double header softball games. It was the last game for a coed league and a team was forfeiting, so Turner made his own team so that league team could actually play their last game. Kinda feel bad about it now. We totally killed the poor team. hmm. Maybe we should be an official team, guys! Guys! Yes!? no? ...anyway... David and I both played well. We found out that D is a star pitcher. woot! And that Shelly, yes- little, dancer, Shelly, is down for softball. She even had a few homeruns!!!! fist pumps Chest bump!hoorah!
I just spent the last hour and a half looking through the blog instead of finishing my English assignment that's due tomorrow. It's just too much fun sometimes to look back and remember. ...I really should go finish school stuff...humunuh.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

{Wordless Wednesday}

Finally got our taxes done today.
I did it! And Mom checked it and said I did it correctly! 
Therefore, my head feels like this:
 But then I must admit that Turbo Tax did all the thinking. I just typed in all the numbers. But I did THAT part correctly. So, go me!!!
And really, this isn't a wordless post. But let's be honest, again. The point of a {Wordless Wednesday} is simply to have an excuse for a ridiculous picture. Mission accomplished.

Last Day of our Reality Escape

Staying true to form for any escape from reality, we beach bummed it on Wednesday until we soaked up enough sun, built a sand castle, smelled enough ocean, and had enough sand between our toes.
I quickly snapped a photo and didn't bother to look to closely at how it turned out. After putting my phone away, David said, "I think I didn't quite get around to smiling for that one." I told him, "Oh no, it's fine. You were smiling. It's Great." When we were driving on the I-15 headed for home, I pulled out my phone and looked through the photos of our week and laughed when I came upon this. Sorry, love!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More from the best week!

These gems are from some time spent in California Adventure after our Magical Morning in Disneyland on Tuesday.
Tower of Terror

California Screamin', Woody!, Grizzly Falls, and Tower of Terror 2

It's Tough To Be A Bug!, California Screamin'

Monday, April 2, 2012

{clumbsy thumbsy}

My oh my.
This one has me rolling...still!
On Valentines Day when I finished David's football display case, I sent a picture and mass text to David's fam.
It read: Still have a few more thongs to find and put in, but here it is!
kill me!
from Mama Nessie Robbins (that's what her name is in my phone): Lol What kinds of thongs?
from Felicia: he will really love the thongs. don't tell me about that though.
I quickly sent out a ***THINGS*** correction. But the damage was already done.

More from Disney

Tuesday Morning was dedicated to everything that we didn't get to on Monday and what I have wanted to do, but never done, in Disneyland. Hooray!
Splash Mountain at 8:10a.m. Giulia is 22! Fist Pumps!

Alice In Wonderland; The Adventures of Winnie of the Pooh- both of them= creepy.

Peter Pan was the bomb diggity! I loved it!

first Sword in the Stone pics!

Dancin' Away With My Heart

Before we resume pictures from the best week evah! Just did some fb browsing and came across this picture. 
Did a bit of dancin' and movin' and groovin' this weekend. There is always fun to be had when Nessie is around. On the way to P-town on Thursday, the song "Dancin' Away With My Heart", came on the radio, and it was stuck in my head the entire time. Love that Lady Antebellum.
Now, let's not look at me gettin' down, but instead focus our attentions to David.
How did I marry such a handsome piece of man?
Thank you, Nicole, for the picture! ;)
And thank you Breezy for hosting such a great dance party! ;)
Also, wow, I need to get your birthday gift and hump day present to you. And I should probably delete that last sentence because it sounds very strange and awkward.
Wanna know what else I stumbled on while on the fb tonight?
 This old thing!
But more specifically, this:
we've loved each other all along.

I miss you, my bosom friend!