Monday, September 27, 2010

A Super Special Date Night

Once upon a time, an extremely kind mother donated two (2) Michael Buble concert tickets. The concert was on August 28th, and we were so excited to go! (Read as: Giulia was beyond excited. David was just excited to be with her)
To start: dinner at Lucille's BBQ. Delish! (no pics, sorry)
And then we made our way to Sin City. It's a good thing we left so early, because traffic was horrible. It took about a half hour to move a quarter mile.
But we we're happy campers because it was Date Night!
one half bad picture + one half bad picture= a half good picture!
Jenette was so kind to grab D&G's ticket from the super generous mother. Too bad Jenette and friend didn't take extra traffic due to concert attendees into consideration when deciding their departure time. They showed up about 15 min. after start time (8:00pm).
Since D&G got there fairly early, and because Giulia really had to tinkle, they valet parked the car and went through the casino (MGM) to quickly find a restroom and then look at all the fancy shops. (Would have gone to arena entrance, but can't go very far, like to a bathroom, without tickets).
Before we get any further into the story: there are two entrances to get to the arena. 1] from the Casino (upstairs) or 2] from the street (ground level).
Jenette informed us that she would be entering from the street. So, D&G made their way to that entrance (assisted by Coach Gillespie/Usher Barb- what a surpise!). And they waited. and waited. and waited. annnd waitedddd...(with security) for Jenette to arrive.
Giulia not so happy. David trying to keep her laughing by pointing out all the strange people walking by:
And then finally, we got the call! Jenette had arrived! ...At the casino entrance. ("The traffic was really really bad, and the parking garage was full, so we had to park in BFE and enter through the casino...haha....sorry...") We were still stuck on the ground level. So Jenette and friend wound their way through security and down to us to let us in (it was like they were some celebrity power couple letting their poor friends get in to some fancy club.)
After that hiccup,we finally got out of our holding pen and up to our seats (which were really good!) And who was the usher that helped us to our seats??? I was beyond shocked that my old volleyball coach was an usher (she helped us get through the casino entrance security and down to the ground level.), but imagine my surprise when the prettiest "older woman" (I don't know what words to use. She could be my grandma. She has snow white hair and the most beautiful face) looked up from our tickets and I saw my 6th grade math teacher, Mrs. Young!!! She looked just as I remember her from 8+ years ago. I wish I had the camera ready. It was so fun to see two of my teachers in one night! Mrs. Young informed me that there are a number of Basic/Brown people who work at the arena. I had no idea, but it made me all giddy that I accidentally ran into two of them.
Needless to say- the concert was fabulous!!! Seriously, so so so good. David left knowing how to pronounce Buble, was surprised to realize that he had heard a few of the songs before, and had to admit that he had a good time too. You can't not like Michael Buble's voice nor can you not be awed by his performance ability. Once again, WOW.
Thank you, Mom, for the great night!

video footage to come. I typed this post up on the Gpa's computer, and it took foreverrrr (David is using the good ol' Mac to type an English essay. And since I don't have much to do if I can't use my computer, I hopped on this one and decided to blahg.) I'm not even goin to try to upload a video on this thing. I wouldn't be surprised if it blew up while loading.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The School Blues.

The plan was to work on HW until din.
Here's me (researching a "disease paper" for my A&P):
Just realizing that David is in dreamland.
Here's David:
He fought it as long as he could. I guess I could have tried to keep him awake. I mean, I'm sitting right here. But by the time I noticed the change in his breathing (awake breathing to deep sleep breathing), it was too late. He was long gone.
On a side note, I just realized that my undershirt has been on backwards. ALL DAY. Since we arrived at church at 8 am. Since we breakfasted at the parent's with fam and friends. since our ward. since parent's sacrament. since going to the pulpit in ps' sacrament mtg. ALL DAY. what the. You would think that I'd have noticed and rectified BEFORE any of this. oy.
Back to school.
Me: school- 15 credits, work part time (if you can call it that)
David: school- 9 credits, work full time- averages around 50 hr/week.
We don't see each other too often during the week. And when we do, we're usually doing hw/studying. Our goal is to have all school-related to-do's done by Friday evening. That way, we can enjoy just being with each other and family on the weekends. That didn't happen this week due to crazy long days of work (David) and getting things done for church calling (Giulia). Which is why it's Sunday and we're hiding in the grandparent's basement, workin' on "school stuff" until dinner starts. I think we both have a case of the 'school blues' (not to mention a light cold- sniffles + achy throat).
Oh Monday, please be kind.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Just Happened.

The boys and I are at Nonnie and Papa's house. We were playing with legos. The lego set has pairs of wheels, or as the boys think- weights (they do resemble a miniature dumb-bell). So they started weight lifting. And then Logan exclaimed, "I need music to work-out!" So he put a Queen CD in the stereo. And they did push-ups, and lifted weights, and did leg lifts while "Another One Bites the Dust" jammed in the background. And it was all quite humorous to watch. And the thought  hit me that I should be taking pictures! But I don't have a camera! But my laptop does! So, sorry about the blurry photos, the camera doesn't take the best action shots. And I was only able to get a few before Spencer figured out that I was taking pictures.
He thought it was the coolest thing.
So did Logan.

And then all they wanted to do was take pictures. (And I tried to get Spencer to make a funny face, but he would only do something funny after the flash. Oh well.

(And yes I realize that most, if not all of my sentences started with and, but, or so. )
AND: Spencer says yes like this: yesth. I giggle every time.
And. In an attempt to thrust himself front and center for a picture, Logan's mouth crashed into Spencer's head. That ended the fun real quick'. Logan is now crying and bleeding and Spencer is wondering what happened. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hey Haele!

Have you seen this picture?
We found it on Grandmajune's computer.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sittin', Waitin', Wishin'

For a sweet little baby to come!

Disclaimer: not our baby though! Sorry people, don't get excited.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

We're So Photogenic...

After biking the Railroad Tunnels by the Lake and the Dam.

Before the Buble Concert.
Okay, so this one looks half-way decent, go us!

Stealing toothpicks.


We know we've been rather M.I.A. lately. Life is busy. But we're alive. More to come soon. Pinky promise.