Friday, October 19, 2012


...Did September even happen? 
If I didn't have these few photos from the month I could convince myself that it was never here- that's how fast September came and went. And October is doing the same thing. 
 I present to you September (in whatever order the photos chose to load):
That one time I went to Stake Conference in polka dots and crazy messy hair.
And score- this skirt was $0.50, found at an estate sale.
 That one time David finally took me golfing. And it was like 115 with no cloud coverage and no shade. The heat didn't help me like or understand the game any better.

The annual Crowther Reunion
I look like an elf during mine and Haele's photo-op
P helping DooDad with a bit of magic

Timeout for Women. My mom is great at procuring tickets for good stuff and filling up her Yukon with lovely people to join her. Lucky me- I'm one of the lucky ones that gets to hop in most of the time!

And that concludes September. 
Most weekends David has been in Panaca with one Robbins or another doing what he loves- finding deer.
During the week he hits his books hard so he can play on the weekend. He's doing really well with his classes so far. We both are excited for this semester to be over because that means we're that much closer to figuring out where we'll be this time next year (Idaho, Provo, Reno, or maybe still here- in a place of our own)
I substitute teach k-12 during the day as often as I can. I like it so far. Maybe I'll finish my degree in teaching, who knows. And every day I teach piano from 3-6 or later. I'm at the point where I have to tell people that I can't take anymore students (because I'd go crazy if I did).