Friday, February 18, 2011

Nachos & Later.

Picture of our obviously different tastes in food.
David: meat and cheese. and more meat.
Giulia: the above + salsa and anything green.
But a shout-out must given to David for making both of these plates spontaneously and loading mine up with delicious veggies and such. love him.

And the later from this one.
So. Whhyyy did we run up to SLC and back within a two day time frame?
Well, let me tell you. David's cutie pie cousin asked him to baptize her. And well, I guess that's all I need to say. I was imagining that I would write a lot on this one, but that covers it. Now for the pictures....
Miss Alexia and David

 Aunt Denise

Trying to give the Colbster a kiss. He was not having any of it. 
He saw David and I giving each other a smooch and came up to us and said, "That's nasty!"

 Yet another awkward grin from me. :)

 This one soaked up all the attention she was getting.  
And...that's all the photos I have. :)
I loved getting to know Denise and her family. They are so fun and welcoming! We can't wait to visit again! (preferably for a longer period of time) should be noted that after the baptism fun is when David and I (with Ch, Feesh, lil' Millie, and Mama in tow) hopped over to a Verizon store and purchased our Droids. Our lives have been forever changed.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A good monday.

Ignore severely cluttered table.
We hate Mondays 'round here. And Sunday nights are just as bad, worse infact. (knowing that Monday looms so close and the weekend is over)
But yesterday ended as a good Monday. After we both finally got home, just before 6:00, David told me that he had a dinner reservation for 7:00. Yahoo! The night before we brainstormed what we would do for lover's day, and we came up with nothing. We knew that each other's Mondays are typically the longest work/school days of the week, so by the end of the day we're both beyond content to just stay home. But before D fell asleep Sunday he told me not to plan anything.
So we freshened up, and went to dinner. And it was wonderful. Macaroni Grill was packed, people waiting out the door to get in. (I didn't know it was so popular) Neither one of us had been there before. We felt like we had celebrity status because we just walked by all those poor souls without reservations and were seated right away. sweet! Dinner was delicious. and fun! The restaurant is probably just trying to save money or make table clean up easier, because each table is covered with butcher paper. and crayons. We had a good time writing notes to each other and creating a crossword of our future children's names. hahahaha.
When we got home I found a dozen long stem roses sitting at the table. They're beautiful!!! They weren't there when we left. David's a good little sneak and somehow managed to put them there right before we left without me noticing so I could be surprised when we got back. Love him.
 that's better.
 I was packin' down the food. It was sooo good. 
 David thinks this pic is hilarious. "Look at your eye!!! It's huge!!"
Thanks love. 

via Droid

Scenes from the weekend.
Whilst shopping with Grandmajune, I found these beauties at Payless. Cuteness under $10. (I love sales!)
 And since it was BOGO, these ones rung up for ~$4.50 (originally $29.99, on sale for $9 + BOGO). 

Dia's bridal shower. 
I'm really great and didn't get any pictures of the bride, except for her feet during this game. 
 Two teams racing (blindfolded) to do the best paint job in a minute. 

This Chick is having a baby!!!
(And it hit me that people my age are having babies, and that maybe I could start considering the thought that it wouldn't be all that crazy if we did too. )

 Spent some time with these funny guys Saturday morning. 
 They were fascinated with Grandpa Robbins selection of wrenches and that three of them were almost the same size as themselves.

Watch yourself around Spencer, he's a good shot for a 2 year old. 
But, you should be safe because he only shoots at "bad guyss" and "bears".

He will giggle until he drops if you "sky" him a little bit. 

While driving them back home, I opened the sun roof and they thought it was so cool! When we got to the house, they didn't want to get out of the car. So I left them in there and went inside to find Shelly and baby Lydia (or MY Wydia, as Spencer calls her). When I came outside this is what I saw. They were climbing in and out and all over my car like a jungle gym, complete with a slide- a.k.a. the windshield.

Trying to decide what shoes to wear to the party.

Amelia wants my phone.

Kason eats. a lot. 

Me and my Haele girl.


Small story with this pic: The walls of our abode are also currently the home for a family of chipmunks. You can hear them scurrying through any time of the day. It's pretty comical, however it drives David and Grandpa nuts! (pun intended) Sunday morning the little guys were spotted playing in the backyard (the audacity!), and this was David and Preston's attempt the problem. 
Golf clubs! It brings to me memories of a certain Thanksgiving in Idaho. hahaha.
Neither one came close to getting anything.

I love the box my phone came in. So chique!

David looks good in a gray tie.

The end. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Scenes from the weekend via Droid.

Took a little road trip
 for this sweet girl.
Took lots of pictures of this little one.
She's gonna kill me after seeing this one. :)
Was with this one almost the entire time. love.
Saw these cute ones.
It was one short trip. 
There and back in 48 hours. 
you travel with TP too, right? 

More to come lata. 
Oh and did you miss that?
That's right.
I now hold an "Incredible" in my wee hands and D carries THE "X". 
We've certainly upgraded our mobile devices. 
it only took two years. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011



Have I ever mentioned that David is really great at winning random stuff from the radio stations? Well, he is. A few weeks ago he snagged some tickets for the, you guessed it, rodeo! We actually kept the tickets and made a date night out of it (we've sold the other stuff on craigslist). It was the finals for the California Circuit. It took place at the Southpoint's super duper fancy "Indoor Equestrian Arena".
We stopped at Raising Canne's, David's absolute favorite (possibly more favorite than Arby's) fast-food joint, and then to the arena.

Our view:

The clown:
He was alright. His best act was the tractor/airplane/bull. He had contrapted a tractor to look like a plane, put a saddle at the end and drove around doing donuts, etc. while the rider in the saddle held on. It was fun to watch.

Our favorite events:
Steer Wrestling, Broncs, and Bulls

David got cowboy fever, aka wishing he was a real cowboy. (And okay, I did too. We frequently fantasize about dropping everything down here- school and work- and living up in Idaho or somewhere...)
Me [dreaming about not living in the city]

And for the finish:
This guy knocked his head with the bull's, went limp as a doll, can watch. 
or not. I've let this video try to upload for hours now with nothing to show for it. I give up. 

And this concludes our January wrap-up. :D

Date of the Month Club: January

One of my friends organized a "Date of the Month Club" for all us young married kiddos around Hendo.
Kayla (the super fun friend) circa '07.
In Gilmour's room.
Twin Day. ;)

Each month a couple will plan a date night for the group. This month we went to Chili's for dinner, then played games at the Larsen's. The games were boys v. girls. During the last game, it was clear that the girls would win. The girls took pity on their poor boys and agreed to "winner take all" for the last round of "Creationary". In a stroke of luck the boys won that ONE round...thus winning all.
The proud Scam Artists:
The Sore Losers:

Thank you so much Kayla! We had so much fun and can't wait for next month!
We're glad we met up with old friends and made new ones. :)
Kayla, can I stake a claim in planning for a summer month? And OMG I owe you $5.


Last weekend we had dinner with Chris and Shelly and fam.
"David! Giula!" Said in loud, rapid succession, was heard all night. Spencer loves us...
After multiple rounds of sword fighting, David put Spencer's sword in the back of Spence's shirt and sent him to run around. Spencer soon returned on his stallion, pulled his sword out while exclaiming, "hiiiiii yah!" (or something like that)
He came back and told David to put the sword back, "but not in my pantss!"
And I should mention that when we first arrived and the obligatory round of wrestling with Spencer had commenced, David asked Spence if he knew what a wedgie is. "No...?" So he asks Spencer if he wanted response... So David gives him a wedgie. And Spencer spent the next 10 minutes trying to rid said wedge. Spencer, do you like wedgies? "I hate those!" 

Photography by Spencer

Crazy fun boys. (I told them to make crazy faces.)
Spencer, you are growing up way too fast!!!