Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Loading up our first Christmas tree.....awww. tender. We went tree huntin' on our last morning in Panaca and found this beauty. Short and Stout. More to come later. yes....it was colddd.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

You know you're a redneck if....

Your Britta pitcher breaks...
...but you still use the filter...

I, Giulia, was pouring myself a glass of delicious, clear, clean water late one night. I was so thirsty so I got out of bed to get some water. I poured the glass, set the pitcher down on the counter and turned around to grab something else from the fridge. CRASH! In my drowsy state, I only set half of the pitcher on the counter, and good ol' gravity brought the whole thing (full) to the floor. It took two large towels to soak up the small lake. 
And I wouldn't say I'm a redneck, just resourceful. I don't want to spend another $25 on another filter when this method works just as well. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

True Story. (A Few)

Because we don't really have much else to blog about, here's a series of short stories.
True Story number 1: As I merged on to the 95 (aka 515, or 93, or any other name it has...) this afternoon a huge sneeze burst out. It came from nowhere. I didn't have to sneeze, didn't feel like I would, I'm not allergic to anything, there was no dust in the air. It was strange. I just sneezed, a good, strong one too.  To make things more strange, as soon as said sneeze came out, a white Honda Accord flew past me. Its license plate read: ACHOOO. no joke.
True Story number 2: 1 year + 1 month-ish ago David proposed, and I said : Hai finito? Naturalmente! Siii!!!! More of that story to come later. (and I know, I know I keep avoiding putting all the details of our engagement up here. Every time I think about typing it all, I think about how long it will take and then I don't want to. ha. But I've slowly been working on it, so it really will be here soon...1+ year later...)
True story number 3: Say what? D&G rarely see each other? It's true. Lately he's been going in to work at 3 (a.m.!!!!), gets off mid-late afternoon, goes to school until evening, comes home, eats, sleeps, repeats M-F. She goes to school/studies all morning until mid-afternoon, teaches piano until 5, runs (half-marathon, remember?), gets home, eats, studies/plays piano until David comes home, puts David to bed, stays up studying/reading, sleeps, repeat. This makes us sad. But oh how we love our weekends! (except the last two weekends where Giulia has been a hunter's widow).
And because blogging is so not worth it without pictures, and because we don't have pictures of ourselves, here's some awesome pictures of our cute nephews. We really hope our kids are as cute as this.
Nacho Libre. (Please tell me you laughed.out.loud. at this perfect picture)
Hey, we do have one of us! This is before we picked up Auntie Ashley from the airport. We watched the planes land and take off. 

And we can't leave out the latest addition, Miss Amelia (clearly not a nephew, but our first adorable niece!):
Saying goodbye Labor Day weekend, only a few days old.

And, well, that's it folks.