Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A wedding

Before the wedding, we had a party for the bride. 
And then we danced the night away (to keep warm.)
so handsome...
And Giulia really likes this. I thought it fitting. :) If you don't know the story, here's what you need to know to better appreciate the video: Streisand's character is dropping everything (mostly her successful singing career in Chicago) to follow love, err her love, to New York and then on to Europe. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


There were never such devoted sisters

Never had to have a chaperone "No, sir"
I'm there to keep my eye on her

Every little thing that we are wearing (except Jenette hates it when I borrow her stuff)

When a certain gentleman arrived from Rome  (it could happen)
She wore the dress and I stayed home

All kinds of weather
We stick together
The same in the rain or sun
Two diff'rent faces
But in tight places
We think and we act as one (have you heard our laugh?)

Those who've 
Seen us
Know that not a thing could come between us

Many men have tried to split us up but no one can (the nephews)
Lord help the mister 
Who comes between me and my sister
And Lord help the sister
Who comes between me and my man (that's right.)

...from White Christmas. click here if want to watch the clip from the movie. click here if you want to watch another clip from the movie.
Casee is a sister, as far as we're concerned. 
I love my sisters!
Breezy is my sister too, as far as I'm concerned.
And how lucky am I to have  5 more (FIVE!) beautiful sisters? 
To my brothers: good job! We're so glad that these girls actually said yes! :)

Felicia and Chelsie- I love you both and could not be happier to be your sister! (and I'm really sad that we didn't get any pictures of us together)

Chelsie caught the bouquet at the reception

I have to say...

...that The Bride looked infinitely better than this on Saturday.
More pictures to come! Courtney want to send those pictures to my email? :D

Another brief update: (post publishing: this was brief when I had orginally posted, but it keeps getting longer.)
Giulia gave a talk two Sundays ago. It was on the conversion power of the Book of Mormon. I recommend watching this. Or reading this, or this, or this. Or do all four (ifn you have time. You'll get the gist of what I spoke on, minus the blubbering and tears. Much better than the real thing). And also watching this (you might as well, you were just at the same website!). We think she may have started a new trend. Ok, ok, ok, so I procrastinated the part of actually writing all my thoughts down until the night before/morning of. Not thinking that I wouldn't have access to a printer, I typed my thoughts on my laptop. Not having time to write what I had typed, I brought my laptop with me to the pulpit. I am told that our Bishop thought it was hilarious. Other than that, I think it went quite well.
David is speaking in church this coming Sunday. (Maybe). We might be in Utah for the weekend though, we haven't fully committed yet. We need to decide today so we can let the Bishopric know. They should have just had us speak together two weeks ago.
And since we're on the topic of church-related matters: Giulia is the Relief Society pianist and David is a Young Men's advisor. Two funny stories: 1) A few weeks ago for a Young Men's activity, the boys did some Self-Defense stuff. At the end, they were "going all out". David was partnered with Tavin (the only priest in the group, and who also happens to be best friends with Lindsey). Somehow during the grapple, Tavin's face met with David's elbow. Sorry Tavin!!!! 2) Last Sunday morning we were woken up with a call from a member of the Bishopric. He said that they were having a situation and needed me to play for sacrament meeting. ...and I guess that story isn't funny. I was the accompanist for Sacrament Meeting. The End. :)

Jerrick returned from the Spokane, Washington Mission after two faithful, honorable years.

At the airport, David and I thought we could be the bearers of good news by leaving the group waiting at the escalators at the end of baggage claim, and going to the monitors at the other end. The monitors where the group was waiting only showed when a flight's baggage was coming. The monitors where we were showed when which flight was "landing",  had "grounded", or was "at the gate". We wanted to wait until "at the gate" was blinking next to Jerrick's flight number. So we waited, and waited, and waited....and nothing ever happened to Jerrick's flight number. There was another flight listed below his that was also coming from Salt Lake, and that one went through the sequence of "landing", "grounded", and "at the gate". So we thought for sure that Jerrick's was next. Wrong! As soon as the other flight number read "at the gate" Jerrick's flight number disappeared from the monitor and the cart that his baggage was to come out on started moving. David and I looked at each other, yelled- "Shoot!"- and sprinted for the other end of the airport. By the time we got there, everyone (EVERYONE) had already taken pictures with the RM and was making their way to Carousel 7. :( sad, but funny.
Reunion after 3+ years apart:
I was looking at Grandpa's camera! not fair.

the twins: 
and the sign is passed down. 
I gave this to Courtney when Daniel got home, and Jerrick had left a few weeks before. Now Brooke (and Carli) can have it for a few years while Filipinotino is serving. :)

A few nights ago we were at Rob and Liz's, just hanging out and playing games. Skyler and Austin came over (some of Jerrick's friends, both recent RM's as well) showed up. Jerrick introduced them to his cousin David. And then paused, laughed, and said, "...And this is my cousin, Giulia." We all got a good laugh from that. :) [I went to high school with those boys. Who would have guessed that when they got home for their missions I would be a Robbins?]

One more funny story.
10 years ago, the Rob & Liz Robbins family made a time capsule. They opened it last week. Courtney wrote that one of her best friends was "Giulia Stolworthy and we love to play foursquare." Now, 10 years later, Giulia Stolworthy is Giulia Stolworthy ROBBINS, all because of foursquare.
Courtney and Giulia, 6th grade (maybe 5th?), 2000. Sorry about the blur, it's a picture of a picture. I need to scan the original.

May 2009
Summer 2009

Photos courtesy of Courtney's Facebook. :)
January 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dear NSC,

The only reason I can think of as to why you won't accept my AP or ACT scores or transfer my credits from BYU is: you want my money!!!! I could bite you. (If "you" were a person)
I am bored, almost to tears, in my Biology and Math classes. I am aggravated about having to take English again- reading enormous amounts of literature and writing pages upon pages analyzing what I've read.
I hope the money you're sucking from us will go toward something awesome in the school's budget.
And, question: why do the Millenium Scholarship funds for summer go through in September???? Where are we supposed to find 2 grand to give you up front in May for summer term?
However, I can't get too entirely upset because, well, confession- I rather like learning and going to school (I am more like my mother than I ever thought I would be). But I don't like wasting my money for classes that I've already completed. To keep from going crazy I will continue to think positively: I love what all the "A" marks in my classes have done for my GPA.
Lastly, I would like to comment on your textbook buyback rates. THEY STINK. I got 20 bones back for a book I paid 100+ for? I never, EVER, thought I would say this but- I miss the BYU Bookstore. :/ Has the sky fallen yet?
On a lighter note: Brianna's gettin' married on Saturday! Yeehaw!
A sneak peak of the beautiful bride:
She asked me to do her hair and make-up. We've had a few practice sessions to make sure everything goes smoothly on the big day. I've never done hair or make-up for something as big and momentous as a wedding (other than my own wedding), and I'm nervous! A Homecoming or a Prom, I'm ok with- not as much pressure. But if her hair and make-up looks ridiculous on one of the most important days of her life, it's all my fault! :( I don't think this will be the case, but things happen ya know?
And the only current pictures I have of TeamD&G:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stepping back a few months.

Beware! This post is LONGGG. I would say it's the equivalent of at least 5 individual entries. However- do not be dismayed, it's mostly pictures. :)
Hmmmmk. Here all the photos that haven't been blaghed since about October. yikes.
One of the many weekends that David came to visit me. These were taken on the night ski lift at Sundance. We played the "Make a funny face on 3" game.
Some of the prompts included: "David just farted and it wreaks", "You just saw Big Foot"....and I can't remember the others at this time...
General Conference weekend. After not making it to our seats early enough, we drove around SLC and through the Alpine Loop while listening to conference. :) (except when we hopped out of the car for quick photo opps.)
The day we got engaged! I know these photos are a long time coming. I'll do another post soon with the story. Really, I will. :)
We spent the day at the lake.
And then he took me home and told me that he'd be back in about an hour or so.
I had the sniffles all weekend and was coughing all day and night. He picked me up, blindfolded me, and took me to a mountainside view of the lake where he had candles and roses spread everywhere. Complete with a candlelit dinner in the tent. And then he popped the question.
Getting registered at Target.
Having too much fun in the parking lot. And then looking for the car...
After taking our engagement photos all afternoon.

A quick trip home with Courtney. + scary weather (and yes I have my retainers in)
Dress fittings.
Please take note of Breezy thoroughly enjoying her time with my camera and the mirrors.
Christmas time and that means bread braiding. Some of my beautiful loaves.
Shortly after pulling these out of the oven, David showed up on my doorstep. I knew he was coming up that weekend, but he decided to surprise me and fly up two days earlier than I thought. I was a happy girl.
Finals finally finished. We partied in SLC.

As we made our way to the freeway to head south back to Provo, we saw Ashley's car parked at the Village Inn. We stopped in to see her and order some hot chocolate. (please excuse my ugly face. yikes)
Bridal shower in Utah. I had no idea that Paige and her mom would be coming. When they walked in I screamed with delight. (Yes, that's toilet paper on my head. It was part of my veil. Which was part of my wedding dress made completely out of toilet paper.)
Leaving Provo and get married! Yay!
We stopped in Cedar City and finally were able to eat at TopSpot. Every time we've passed through we've tried to eat there but by the time we'd arrive, they'd be closed.
Having too much fun. I'm sure the workers thought we were crazy (or just engaged).

Christmas shopping with Logan.
And then we got married!
And then honeymooned in the Bahamas.
And then cleaned and organized our condo.
And had really chapped lips while doing it. We had no chapstick. All we could find was my lifeguarding chapstick which comes out white- like sunscreen. mmm
What we've been up to since:
Sledding in the snow (and David's first time at Capriotti's afterward)
Trips to the firestation with family
And since camera has broken.  I can't get any photos still on the memory card nor can I take any pictures. bummer. 
Lately: Giulia and David finished another semester of school. Giulia got straight A's! And so did David! Yeehaw! They will also be going to school this summer. He's still working for Lonney as his right hand man at Custom Fleet. She's teaching piano lessons. They're (we're? why did I switch tenses?) very busy but couldn't be happier.