Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Few Things.

First of all. David and Giulia are not holding a reception in Panaca. We're sorry! We know this is saddening a lot of Panaca residents.
Second. For those not coming to the reception and wanting to give a gift but are wondering how to give/what to give, you have options. 1) look at the registry and if there's something on there you would like to give, send it to the address listed on the registry (1561 Derby Dr., Henderson, NV 89002). 2) Cards, etc. Sent to the Henderson address. 3) Drop it off at the Robbins Residence in Panaca and it will get to us sometime. :)
Third. The Reception. Yes, it is all a bit backwards, but the date is not wrong on the announcement, we promise! The reception is, in fact, being held the night BEFORE our actual marriage ceremony. Meaning. Reception on January 1st. Temple Marriage on the 2nd followed by a luncheon/early dinner. :) We know it's not the normal thing to do, but we were able to get a chapel for the reception on the 1st, not the 2nd. And, we're really excited to be able to be done with our partying on the 2nd before 9:00 p.m. Also, by holding the reception the night before, Giulia's mother will be less of a stressed mess. Also, we'll all be able to focus more on the sealing at the temple the next day. The pros of doing the reception the night before just keep going on. We definitely recommend the backwards dates. :) Oh and one more thing about the reception. If some of you have no idea how to get the chapel, click here.
Fourth. The wedding luncheon. This is for family and close friends. Hopefully you have been informed of your invitation to be there by now. It will be held at 4:00 p.m. at the Palo Verde Chapel. (Boulder Hwy turn onto Palo Verde Dr.) It's down the street from Smith's. And across the street from good ol' Basic High School.
That's all for now! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

More Pictures.

We got it!!!

David found this fabulous little condo in Henderson. We've both been getting cleared on background checks/credit history the past week. We just found out that we passed everything (shocker there, NOT) and that the place is OURS (after David goes to sign the lease, of course). We'll start moving in about a week before the wedding. :) When David and Aunt Brenda went to look at the place, David sent this video to me. I am so excited to see it when I get back to Hendo!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Just so you know. :)

Before my Bridal Shower last week, I had a few friends/family calling me inquiring about the color scheme of our bathroom/kitchen/bedroom. I'll answer those questions on our wedding blog so EVERYONE can know. (And if you call asking, we'll know you haven't looked at our blog, or that you haven't looked at the registry. heh)
Let's start with the kitchen.
Black, red, white.

sage green (earth greens), browns, tans, and white.

white, light blue/Tiffany's blue/teals, browns.

my idea (as of right now) for the bedroom is to have white bedding- sheets and comforter, and then have colorful pillows in the blues and browns. This way, if we ever wanted to change the color scheme in our bedroom, we just have to buy fun new pillows/make different pillow covers. :) ...but we'll see what happens.
For the living room...we haven't decided anything yet. So if you feel inclined to do something for the living room, you have creative reign. :) lucky you.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Just making sure everyone knows that we're registered at Target as well as Bed Bath and Beyond. There are links set up on the left (the Target icon and the bridal registry photo from Bed Bath and Beyond) that, upon being clicked, will take you directly to the registry- no hassle! However, if the handy links aren't working for you and your computer, follow these instructions:
For Target:
go to target.com
click on the Registries + Lists link (top of the page)
in the Club Wedd box (the middle one) type in my name: Giulia Stolworthy (you could type David Robbins too, but when I tried that, there were about 50 David Robbins' that popped up. Type in Giulia and only one list will come up!)
Hit enter and Voila! You should be able to view our registry! :)
if you have problems, leave a comment on this post and I'll try to help you. :)
For Bed Bath and Beyond:
go to bedbathandbeyond.com
click on the Bridal & Gift Registry tab (top of the page, middle tab)
in the "Give a Great Gift" box (far right) type in my name: Giulia Stolworthy
Click on our registry name and you can begin to view our registry and shop!

Once again, if you're having problems, leave a comment. :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

from Giulia's blog.

I couldn't restrain myself from not reposting this on my blog. But before we get to Jenelle's entry, here's a bit from me:

Let it be known that Allana and Corinne are the two cutest little girls! I have the privilege of babysitting them and the last two times I was over there Allana said:
"Where do you live?" (she's asked this one a few times and after this night it finally stuck I guess, because now she'll tell me where I live.)
Me: Provo.
"Where's Provo?"
Me: Do you know where BYU is?
nod of the head. "Yah! That's where you lived last year!"
Me: Right! I go to school at BYU, which is in Provo.
"Where does David live?"
Me: In Vegas.
"Where's Vegas?"
Me: Where you were born. Where Grant and Connie live.
"Ohhhhh! That's far..."
the end.
Later that night during bath time:
"Hey Giulia! When are YOU going to be a Mommy?"
Me: uhh.....not for a while.
Another night. Andy and Jenelle were at an ultra sound appointment. After the parents left, the girls and I were finishing dinner and talking about their baby brother (in Mom's tummy).
"Giulia! When are YOU having a baby???"
Me: uhhhm....in a few years.
I remember asking her, "Why do you ask?" or something like that on both occasions. But I was so shocked about the initial question that I forget her replies.
Either way, SO CUTE! Obviously, Allana understands that babies come when two people are married (or it's when they're SUPPOSED to come anyway). She knows that David and I are getting married in January (only 1 month left from today!!!!), so I think that's where the questions are stemming from...

And now here's what I found on Jenelle's blog that made me smile:

Together Forever

Giulia and David stopped by Sunday before David headed south to Vegas to pick up Potatoes for Connie and Grant. We talked them in to staying for a few minutes and eating lunch with us before leaving. After saying goodbye to them, Corinne and Allana continued peeking out the window to watch Giulia and David say their goodbyes. As they watched Allana was explaining to Corinne that Giulia was feeling sad that David had to leave, "Giulia lives in Provo and David lives far away in Las Vegas."

Then after Giulia and David drove off in their separate vehicles Allana asked me, "Why do they want to be together forever?"

"How do you know they will be together forever?" I asked back.

"Because they are going to get married and then they are going to have children..." was her reply. I wish I could describe the all-knowing intonation she used as she made the statement. Use your imagination...

note(s) from giulia: As we were saying our goodbyes, I looked up at the window and laughed because I saw the girls sitting there watching. :)
Also: One month from TODAY, at 1:00pm in theLas Vegas Nevada Temple, David and I will be sealed for time and all eternity. Sighhh...can time go faster please??? I just decided that I'm going to list 30 reasons (because we have 30 days left) why I love David Scott Robbins II. In no particular order:
He's the nicest man I've ever met.(not just to me, but he's nice to EVERYONE. And it's not a fake nice. He's sincere.)
He's a hard worker.
He knows what's important.
He tells me he loves every day. (more like 10-20+ times a day)
He sends me a wake up message every morning that's something similar to this: "Good morning my beautiful fiance..." or "time to rise and shine,gorgeous". No wonder I like David so much. :)
When I'm gettin' jiggy (dancing) in the car, he laughs and tells me to keep going. (Instead of shaking his head while looking at me like I'm crazy)
He tells me everything that's on his mind. (When we were first getting to know each other, he'd start saying something and then suddenly stop and go, "Wait! Why am I telling you this?" But he'd tell me anyway. Typically they were embarrassing stories about himself.)
He loves his family.
He was a good missionary. I love hearing stories about his Mission. And I love hearing about his mission from other people. When we went to his mission reunion in October, every person I was introduced to would turn to me and say something along the lines of, "hold on to this one." or "This is one of the finest men I've ever met or worked with." or "You can't go wrong with Robbins here. He was the best missionary." and it goes on and on. :) [David once told me there was a saying on his mission that went like this: the harder you work, the hotter the wife. And then said, "I must have worked dang hard." Oh that David. ;) I just love him.]
We talk about EVERYTHING. In August his Mom gave us a book, "300 Questions Every LDS Couple Should Ask Before Marriage". We had already talked about more than half of what was in the book before she had given it to us.
He gives me flowers.
He's still super nice even when I'm being a brat.
He'll hike the Y with me at midnight.
He's not afraid to sing in front of me.
He can tell when I'm annoyed about something/in a bad mood/ stressed and does whatever he can to make me feel better.
He knows the gospel is true and honors his priesthood.
He's taking me to the temple. :)
He's driven up here 6+ times, a 6 hour car trip, spending well over $600+, just to see me.
He knows my dreams and will do anything to protect them and help them come true.
He washes the dishes with me.
He lets me beat up on him (as I practice my self-defense skills learned in class).
He ASKS to rub my feet. (And does a fabulous job)
He gets cold sores too!!!! (We were very relieved when we found out that we're both cursed with these gruesome, ugly beasts. We know and understood each other's pain.)
He has this little smirk sometimes in his smile and it just makes my "toes curl"(as described by Grandmama Forsyth). (not curling as in cringing. "makes yer toes curl" is a good thing.it means you're in love.)
He loves my family. And is already best friends with Logan.
He tells me that his favorite hair-do of mine is when my hair is in a messy ponytail.(that's easy!) And that his second favorite is when it's curly. (or maybe it was the other way around. I'll just keep telling myself that the ponytail is #1)
He has good facial hair. hehe :) He also has a wonderful set of hair on top his head. Thick, full, and wavy. mmm.
He's excited about life.
He loves me. Quirky me. Crazy me. Giggly me. Grumpy me. Zit-faced me. In the same clothes as yesterday me. Blonde me. Whatever I want to be me. He loves me.
And I love him! And I am so IN LOVE with him. And find myself falling MORE in love with him every day.
I think these pictures explain #1 preetty well (giulia is awkward and pulling faces and laughing, but david still wants to mug on her.)