Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Best Week Evah!

I'm finally getting around to documenting one of the best weeks of our lives. Evah! 
It started out like this:
attractive? yes!
Then baseball games. 
Then packing.
Then Ridgecrest, CA to see sister Ashley and brother Levi. (Ash, need that one picture that you insisted on taking)
Then on to the happiest place on Earth!
Yes! We went to Disneyland. It was too good of a deal and perfect timing to just let it pass. You see, David won tickets for a family 4-pack of 3-day park hopper passes to Disneyland and California Adventure from the radio station. Yeeeehawww!!! We've been trying to win these babies for 3 years. Our Spring Break from school was coming up, David had two more vacation days from work to use, and it was muh birthday. Lots of good reasons to get out of town! We offered the tickets to our friends Talen and Tonya, but they couldn't get off work to come with us. :( So, we sold the extra tickets to pay for our hotel! Sorry to anybody that was really wanting them. But we didn't want to start any family feuds.
As our departure date crept closer we realized that this is the first vacation we've been on since our honeymoon. Just the two of us. No reunion, wedding, funeral, baptism, missionary farewell, birthday party to attend. Just plain fun. Just vacation! Ahhhhh. It was much needed. But that isn't to say that we don't love seeing our family as often as possible for whatever occasion! Because we really love doing that. :)
Picture time! (more to come once I've uploaded the rest. These are just from one day, my birthday!, from my phone. Still have 2 others days plus pics from David's phone. oy!)
1st churros! 1st ride of the day [Big Thunder Ranch] and 1st Turkey Leg!

Left to Right: on The Nemo Submarine; Star Tours line; Star Tours glasses; THE Castle!

the golden spike that marks the very center of Disneyland [also pictured- our sweet new Nikes]; birthday smiles and kisses while riding through Storybook Land

Davy Crockett and Captain D! We came home with one of these hats. Any guesses which one?
And that's it for now. :) LOTS more to come. 
Thank you everyone for all the sweet calls and texts on Monday. It was a perfect day!

Monday, March 12, 2012

How things work 'round here

David works works works works all the day long. 
And I come to wherever he may be, these days it's the garage, and feed him. 
A man can't work if he's hungry! Oh wait, this one can. He gets so fixed on whatever project he has that he works it without taking a rest until its done. I used to have a love/hate relationship with this. LOVE love love that he is SUCH a HARD worker. When we were first married I would get so annoyed when he wouldn't stop for 10-15 minutes to come inside and sit and have breakfast/lunch/dinner with me.
Solution: bring the sustenance to the man. And spoon feed him when he has hands-elbows so covered in grease that you don't know what his real skin color is anymore. 

On a related note- I am so glad I married such a handy man. 
On another related note- the jeep is almost all the way done. Last weekend he finished putting the dashboard back together (successfully!) Yesterday it got new motors for the rear windows and a new power steering pump. All done by David. Oh, and Chris too. They fixed a window each. I went out to the garage to see what the status was, and it was fun to sit back and observe. As a young[er] girl I used to worry about how/if my husband would fit in with my brothers. David fits like a glove. However, I fear that some of the family's "humor" has taken too great a hold on David. And it all comes out whenever David is around his mother. Mother does not appreciate this new behavior. And that's all I have to say about that. 

But life is good. And God is great. And good friends are great to have.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A little bit of this and that

We'll start with some pictures.
We got surprise visits from Joseph, Felicia, and Amelia two weeks ago. Loved every minute.
We play hard and sleep hard 'round these parts.

We feel like we rarely see each other. School, work, school, work is a grind sometimes. But, we'll manage. Speaking of school, Giulia applied for graduation today! exciting times. 

David made a few calls to Alaska and discovered that the deadline for the AST deparment to make call backs is April 30th. So it looks like we'll continue to sit on pins and needles until then. Joy!

what else? I know I had a few other tid bits to put on here. oh well!

OH, here's one.
This Saturday, I'm hosting a Norwex party. 11a.m. at Chris and Shelly's place. Call or text if you want more details!