Sunday, July 31, 2011

{Sunday Dessert}

dress: Calvin Klein, found at Burlington Coat Factory: can't remember the price, but it was probably around $30 (also seen here for Daniel's wedding '09)
shrug: I think I found this at Ross for $7
shoes: wore these to my senior prom; also found at Burlington- $15
headband: Forever 21 [online] $3

We're Awkward!

...and Awesome!!!

or is it only me that's the awkward one???

Friday, July 29, 2011

Lovin' on the Littles

Oh how I love being an auntie to these littles!

These two (and baby Lydia) have been gone for two weeks!!! I miss them! Shelly, if you're tired of them after your long drive home, I'd be more than happy to take them off your hands for the day. :)
I wish I had a picture with her cradled in my arms, but this will have to do for now:
Sweet baby girl Roslyn Stolworthy was born yesterday!
Can you even handle that so much cuteness exists within one big happy family?

{Hairy Thursday}

no tutorial today. sorry! 
but really, a braiding series is in the works. 
For today's {Hairy Thursday}, I need to make a public vow to never wear my hair down for a wedding EVER AGAIN! 
The pictures always are outside, and it seems to always be windy. And my hair and face always look ridiculous. For example:
I look much better here sans make-up and not yet having touched my hair.
And then I always end up pulling my hair back in whatever possible way given however many resources I have (i.e. bobby pins and elastics)
I must admit that this is not the first time I've set myself up for the heat and wind to shed light on my ridiculousness on special days. Let us look to the past for pictorial proof:


Brianna's Wedding:
See me? In the back? With my hair blowing in my face!?
Between the temple and reception venue I pulled away the hairs that were stuck to my lips and eyelashes (and also grabbed a date (a handsome and charming one to boot!)

Dia's Wedding:
holding back the hair
out of the way and wrapped in a braid for the even windier, but absolutely lovely,  reception!
Paige's wedding!
shortness of hair! I got out of the shower and hopped in the car the morning of this Idaho wedding where I was subsequently wedged in the back seat between Regan (pictured above) my mom, ...and someone else. So, hair air dried on the drive (which you can't really pull off very well with short hair) and when we got to the temple I ran inside [wearing sweats], changed into "nice" clothes and put a braid in to hold back the bangs. ay yi yi yi yi!
Breezy's Wedding!!! Although this was a rather windy day, I don't look quite as ridiculous as I feel.
Erin's wedding:  I don't feel too ridiculous; however, the sunshine on my blonde hair is making me look like I have a sweet bald patch. Awesome.

At least for these two I got it right:
Keith and Keri wedding '08: a quick french twist
Daniel and Tricia wedding '09: hair done in the car on the way to the reception. while driving, just kidding.
Concluding thoughts:
1- That's a lot of wedding in two years! Wowza!
2- I now remember why I try to avoid pulling my hair up or to the side for wedding days. I feel like the bride will have a similar hair do and I don't want to step on her turf and have the same hair did!
3-So, sisters/friends/brides, are you happy? I allowed myself to look ridiculous so that I didn't risk copy-catting your hair! 
4- Luckily for Courtney's wedding I remembered that I never fair well with wedding pictures if my hair is down. Alas, I have no picture to prove that [yet]. 
5- I am tired and writing in a silly manner.
6- I'm on Facebook a lot more often now [the last week or so ish], and it's strange. I'm hardly ever on there! I don't know what happened to me. 
good night.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

{Wordless Wednesday}

I'm sure I'll regret sharing this photo someday...but today is not that day.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

{Sunday Dessert}

this is my "it's hot and humid and i'm hungry" face. the triple "H" threat.

 The Breakdown:
dress: (too lazy to look at the brand on the tag) found at Plato's Closet- $8
Shrug: Forever 21- $12
Shoes: (too lazy to look at the brand) found at DSW clearance!!!- $20

Friday, July 22, 2011

Eyes too big for the stomach; a double whammy!

 I didn't take any pictures of our camping weekend for the 4th. Well, that was a semi-lie. I did take pictures, with Felicia's camera. So I should say that I don't have pictures from the 4th fun, until I steal some from Feesh. 
Good thing though that Zach was on top of things and made sure to document this:
We caught the same fish!
We both felt a tug on our lines one right after each other. We each hooked the fish and started reeling in, excited to see who had the bigger catch. Soon enough we realized we were reeling in the same thing! No, we didn't cross lines. The fish took both our baits and hooks. Poor guy, as if getting hooked in the mouth isn't bad enough, he got one right after the other. I'm telling you, those trout were going crazy for the Pink Lemonade PowerBait. 

Other fishy info from that trip worth documenting: shortly after catching the above pictured fish, Giulia finally gutted and cleaned her other catches from that day. She usually just makes David do it, but she "manned-up" this time 'round. If you didn't know this already, let it be a service announcement for you: fish have sharp teeth! My thumb is just now recovered from the multiple bite marks left from breaking the jaw and pulling the gutsies down and out (if you've never seen a fish get gutted before, you probably don't know what I'm talking about, and I'm too tired to explain any better. hmmph). After that first teeth encounter, David informed me that putting my thumb farther down the throat would help prevent my thumb from being stabbed. And it did. Thanks for the heads up lovie. But in retrospect, I'm sure he did mention that when he was showing me what to do, I was probably just still shocked about how I was holding a slimey fish in one hand and a knife in the other and thinking that slimey fish feel real gross.

At long last!

At long last David finally got to hold precious little Miss Jade. 
When she first came down to meet the family, David had a case of the sniffles, so he stayed away from the sweet tiny babe. Good thing he was feeling better and not sniffling before babe's family left so he could enjoy holding the petite bundle.
At long last this picture makes an appearance. It's from June, roughly 2 weeks after babe was born. I just haven't put it up yet. Now it's here and we can all smile at David's enamored stare. Hims just loves them little babes.
('s late...and I'm half brain dead and slightly silly after frantically writing a paper in a half-hour. Speed typing, my friends, is a school life-saver.)

Monday, July 18, 2011

{Monday Confessional}

Confession: I have not cut my hair since November 2009. Ack!!! I haven't had it trimmed either. Terrible I know. If ever I see a bad patch of split ends, I grab that chunk of hair, take some scissors to it and call it good. Really terrible, I know. I think the only reason my hair has yet to break off at my ears is because 1) remember how I wash it only like 2 times a week??? 2) I can count on my two hands the number of times I've blow dried it the past 2.5 years. 3) I curl it mayyyybeeee once a week. Usually I wear it just straight or in some sort of ponytail, bun, or braid. 4) Minimal product usage.
So, see- it's really not all that terrible, is it? Sigh. it is, it is. I know, I know.
It's just that I don't live close to Andrea anymore and she's the only one I trust to cut my hair. (and I don't want to go to some salon down here and pay $80 for a stinkin' hair cut!!!)
Now that I've completely debunked any credentials I had for Hairy Thursday posts...
...let's move on to other hair related items of business:
I want to get bangs again. But in order to do this, I would, you know, have to go get my hair cut. Good thing though that David got me a groupon for a hair cut and deep condition treatment at Kaya salon...I just need to actually call and set up an appointment. But I'm having issues with doing that because I've never done such a thing before! The only people that have cut my hair are my mom and Ann, my cousin. Seriously folks, I'm having some serious psychological issues at work here. And they make me laugh at myself.
Anyway...I'm hoping that by posting this I will finally get my act together and make the phone call and get my hair taken care of.
But I want your opinion: Bangs or no?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

{Sunday Dessert}

You guys, we're terrible at taking pictures on Sundays. Plus, I feel beyond awkward. I don't know how all those "fashion bloggers" take pics of themselves wherever they might be, because seriously, this was weird, and I'm standing at our door- I'm not even in public view.

side  shot
The breakdown:
Shoes: Ross- $15
Slip: Kmart- $8
Dress: Ross- $27 (probably was cheaper, but I can't remember) (also, David found this dress in the store and insist it find a home in my closet)
Lipstick: MAC RussianRed $14

Thursday, July 14, 2011

{Hairy Thursday}

I just did this one day to keep my hair out of my face and off my neck on a hot windy Sunday. Because, do you want to know what it feels like in southern Nevada when it's hot and windy?  Stick your face in front of a hair dryer and you'll pretty much get the gist of it. The day before my first attempt at this new do, I worked on Mrs. Baker's hair for their [4th] Wedding reception/open house party. I don't have a picture of that [not yet, but hopefully I can find one and put it up here shortly], but Ashley wanted her hair swept to the side in a messy bun. Well, her hair is short, and there wasn't much to work with, and I couldn't get all of it to go the side. So I twisted it all together at the nape of her neck moving it all to the right side and then did a little messy rosette bun. Voila! We think it turned out super cute [you'll just have to use your imagination until I get a picture up]. Anyway, as I was saying, I think that's what inspired the idea for this creation.
I think I shall call it the "outie nape braid". Any better suggestions are welcome. :) would appear that this is the only pic we have. Can't really see the actual hair "do". But oh well! We're cute! (especially me, who had not yet done my hair or make-up.humunuh.)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Brake Fluid prank.

This story must be documented, and it [kinda sorta] fits on the {Tipful Tuesday} here goes:
If you're going to pick a fight with Lonney, you need to know that you will NEVER win. You might win a battle or two, but he will ALWAYS win the war. 
Even though David does not work for Lonney anymore, the two of them still pull pranks on each other frequently. A few weeks ago David did something to Lonney (can't remember what it was...will fill in details later...). Last week Lonney exacted his revenge. Lonney grabbed one of Cintas' air freshener timed dispensers and rigged it up with Brake Cleaner instead of air freshener. David's been hit with this stuff enough times by Lonney that I know that it smells real bad and it gives the skin an intense burning sensation. FUN huh? 
Lonney had been waiting all week for the right time to come. He was  working at the Cintas plant that day, so when David got back from his route Lonney broke into David's car and placed the contraption behind the driver's seat with a long spray nozzle coming through the crevice where the back and bum cushions meet.
David gets in his car to head home. Lonney and crew leave at the same time, with Zach and Cody watching the clock. 
15 minutes into the drive home, David gets a sudden wet sensation right on his tush. He's not really sure what happened. Then he smells brake cleaner and knows that Lonney is the culprit. 15 minutes later he and Lonney are stopped at the same light. Lonney rolls down the window to talk, and David does the same. David then gets another shot of brake cleaner to his rear. David arches his back and lets out a yelp, and Lonney pulls off laughing. David grabs a bunch of rags he happened to have in the car and starts stuffing his drawers to sop up some of the mess.  At this point David is beyond frustrated because he doesn't know how Lonney was doing it. He was coming up with a bunch of theories. You'll have to ask him about it. 
Well, they all pull up to the house and David is hit yet again. Cody and Zach get out of the truck laughing real hard. David steps out of his car, and starts pulling rags out of the back of his pants and Lonney about fell to the grass laughing. 
Having mercy on poor David, they showed David the timed dispenser contraption, set to shoot off every 15 minutes.
Poor, poor David.
My story-telling skills are lacking right now, I know. I apologize for the rather boring writing. I just don't have the brain capacity right now to make the story flow better. You'll just have to wait to hear the story in person from David, because it really is really hilarious when he tells it. :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I can't remember if I've ever really thanked you for being our other Dad. 
Thank you for the jokes, and the laughs, and the smiles.
For the backyard bbq's and weenie roasts up in the hills. 
The tasty homemade lemonade, and your forever upbeat attitude.
We're excited to see you again!
Thoughts and prayers with hands ready to serve for the Selch family.
We love you all dearly.

Story with the picture: 
Who knew that I would have been voted onto Homecoming Court senior year? I was pretty shocked. And when it hit me that my dad was up in the high mountains on an elk hunt and that he wouldn't be back for about a week, I knew that I could call my other dad to escort me down the field for half-time. Thanks again, Ken, for looking so dapper and keeping me steady as I strutted down as a royal, aerating the field with my heels. :) We caused quite a rumor ruckus that night. I spent the rest of the night and the next day trying to explain to everyone that no, my parents aren't divorced or separated, you're just my other dad.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

{Tipful Tuesdays}

Let us learn another lesson from David this week, shall we???
When faced with the choice to slide into second base in shorts, let us take our chances with simply running. Or wearing pants. Or both, perhaps???
Tonight, David was Zach's sub for a softball team. (Zach has a pretty good gash in his hand from fishing on Saturday afternoon- another story for another day) (Also, Keri's brothers are on the team. Small world, small world. Especially in Henderson!) (Alllsssso, David would play more and join all these fun teams, but he wakes up for work at 2 in the morning!!! An early start requires an early bedtime.He was able to play tonight because the games started at 6:30.) He did so good (especially for not playing in a while)! (Tired of parentheses yet?)He was the first one to score, and he scored a good amount of the team's runs throughout the two games. Turner calls him his Kirby vacuum, because in outfield, he just sucks up any ball that comes his way. Also, about halfway through the first game, the ump told the other team's batter that he better not hit out to left field where that guy with the green Nike shirt is. If he did, he was almost guaranteed to be out. I'm a proud wifey. :)
Although I would be happier if he had more skin on his shin. 
More to come about our weekend shortly!
Hope everyone else had a great 4th celebration! We sure did!
Lastly, if anyone wants to know...his dog bites look 1000x better. Very little to no bruising left, and the bites are still looking clean. hallelujah! Last week was spent cleaning dog bites, this week it's patching up a shin. Are you so excited to see what David will do next week? Stay tuned!