Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bear Lake 2010.

As usual, the Young Reunion was filled with games and good times.
On Friday, D&G kept a low profile because Giulia was still not feeling so good. (NO, she is NOT prego)
Saturday they explored the Minnetonka Caves with Mom and Erin.
And then they played on the beach. By themselves. By the time we got back from the caves, the beach crew was already back at the lodge.
We only had about 45 minutes to get down to the beach and back to the lodge. But we figured that we had to get in the water because we didn't drive 10+ hours to get up there and not get in. As soon as we got back to the lodge, we quickly changed our attire and then headed to the Pickleville Playhouse to watch "Juanito Bandito Rides Again". We laughed during the entire show and continue spouting some of Juanito's lines. Hilarious! 
Trying, trying, trying, trying, trying get an awesome jumping picture!!!
Giulia can dance on water.
Football hero!!!
We were shocked to find that the water was somewhat warm. I remember another fam reunion (Stolworthy) at Bear Lake when I was maybe 8 years old, and I thought the water was freezing. But to our surprise it was perfect! We would gladly go back (if not for the 10+ hour drive and the mosquitoes that could carry away a small child).

David's interests.

We finally have a camera again! It's what David used on his mission. It looks ancient. I finally uploaded the pictures. Half of the pictures were ones like these

And the other half were one's like these

His three favorite blondes: Mom, Wife, and Haele

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blood Typing. And internal thoughts.

Ohhhhhhh negative. O-. That's me. Or, it's what is pumped through me.
This is my blood. Mixed with anti-bodies of A and B blood. (typing performed in a Bio Lab last week. The first "real" lab we've done. All the others have been silly, dumbed down junior high ones. grr.)

See how it looks like broth? No clumping? That means I don't have any anti-bodies to 'clump' with the other blood types. It also means that I get called from the Red Cross and United Blood Services ALL THE TIME. And I have the scar to prove it. (Actually, the scar is mostly likely from plasma "donations" in Provo. Say what you will about selling your body. It was my only income source for 4 months! Oh yikes that sounds promiscuous...moving on...)
For years I've wondered if "they" did my blood typing wrong. If my blood type actually is O+. Don't get me wrong, being O- is great. I can give my red blood cells to anyone (O- doesn't have any anti-bodies on it, therefore other blood types won't attack/reject it)! How cool is that? Being an O has it drawbacks though. What if I'm in some sort of accident and I need lots of blood and the hospital has everything except O??? I would be SOL. For you see, O is the universal donor, but it is doesn't like any other blood in the system but its own. fui.
Okay, okay, okay. So I'm not actually worried about that, per se. I just have always secretly wished I had the (+) Rh factor instead of the (-). Especially after founding out that the hubby is a B+. (Actually. I can't remember if it is B+ now that I think about it. I'll have to double check. But for this writing purpose I'll continue assuming it's B+.) What's the problem with that you say? Since he's a positive and I'm a negative, our babies are sure to have a (+) in their blood. What's wrong with that you say? My blood isn't going to get along with baby's blood, to say the least. :( Sorry future babies. Thank goodness for modern technology and Rh factor shots, can be seen in the picture above: No clumping in the Rh test well. Meaning negative. O-.
Class dismissed. :)

Hopefully O- is not a reflection of my personality. :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

I really really do.

I really really do miss studying here.

I finally got around to watching this, and I laughed during the entire thing. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Too Much Fun

We have had too much fun the last two weeks with family reunions, 4th of July, and bowel/stomach problems. 4th of July Weekend was the Robbins Reunion. Last weekend was the Young Reunion. Giulia puked herself almost to death between the two. And when we got home last night from Bear Lake, David started puking. Hmph.
Still in between it all, Giulia continues sitting inside all day either in class, studying, or teaching piano. And David spends his days outside all day sweating and dirty. Life is good! :)
Pics from the Robbins Reunion '10 
The party started at Rob's. Swim and Pizza and games. AND SUMO!!!! It was hilarious to watch. 
David and Zach

Preston and Quinton
Sunday we all went to our different church meetings and then met at the big house for BBQ and games. Then we went to Joe and Tracey's to watch the fireworks from the rooftop and then  light some of our own. ;)
And then Monday the real games began. The different fams were teamed up and competed against each other the whole day. Our team was a bit a small because we were missing Papa and Mama, Joe and Felicia, and Chelsie. So it was just D, G, Z, and P. Each match it was us 4 versus 7-10 (or more- the little kiddos weren't added in the team count). The four of each of our skills combined turned out to be lethal- we were undefeated, a perfect record 4-0. And contrary to cries of foul play- we did not cheat!

Hamster Balls!  
If you got in the ball with David, you got soaked because he wouldn't just sit and enjoy the ride. He would roll around everywhere- hence why the two of us are flipped flopped (see picture above). David got in the ball with Quade one time. Apparently Quade thought David was the best partner ever. When they got out Quade looked up to D and said, "I'm only riding with you from now on!"
After playing at the park, everyone met at the church where the games continued.
Rip 'Yer Face Off!
So funny to watch.

Dan the Man shows us all how to shake it for Junk in the Trunk.

We played several different 'Minute to Win It' games. The remaining Scott & Finis family members (DG and Z) teamed up with team 2.
And then to end the day we had Sumo Trivia. The first Sumo to grab the football at the other end of the gym could answer the trivia question. You could do basically anything to keep your opponent from getting the ball before you. 
David gets ready to dominate!

This video is David and Rob. David checked Rob twice, and on the second shove Rob went flying. Literally flying. You can't see him, but maybe you can hear the thud as Rob hit the ground. Good thing they had helmets on!  
Our team (Dan & Mel/ Randy & Lindsey/ DG and Z) had a tie breaker at the end. Zach went up against Ryan. At the first question, Z took off and immediately slipped and face planted. He was barefoot so we put David's shoes on him. 

Once he had shoes on, he could not lose. 

Our team won!!! 
Thanks Mer and Tracey for putting all this together! We had a blast! And thanks to Tracey, Courtney, and Lindsey- I stole all these photos from your facebook. :)