Sunday, November 29, 2009


Dear Target,

We're getting very frustrated with you. You see, we registered with your "Club Wedd" program. We had tons of fun with those laser guns registering for cool gizmos and gadgets in stores located in Nevada and Utah. However, it seems we can never access our registry. Sure, we can view it online like any other shopper can. But can we do anything WITH our registry? Like delete or add items? NO. We've tried logging into our registry, tried logging into a target account, tried following the instructions in your "help" section. But guess what? None of that worked. and. Your instructions STINK. We can't access what your instructions say to click on anyway. That's really HELPFUL. NOT.
I understand that the problem with managing our registry might be due to computer malfunctions. But when you try multiple times to access said registry utilizing different computers, one begins to wonder if it really is the computer's/internet browser's/ user's fault.
Target, we don't like you right now.
It's a good thing we also registered at Bed Bath and Beyond this weekend as well. Infact, if we can't get this little problem cleaned up soon, we'll only be registered at Bed Bath and Beyond.
Love, (not really. more like Truly Annoyed,...)
Team D&G
PS, we keep hearing that your return policy is the worst pain in the rear ever. Can you explain why this is?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Team D&G beginnings. Giulia's Version.

Conversation between Breezy and Giulia the day we were done with finals: (abridged...slightly skewed from Giulia's sketchy memory)
G: Breeeezy. I don't want to go back to Vegas. It's sooo hotttt.
B: blehhh I know! (Breezy then tells me a bit about her childhood summers spent on the lake with her family) Conclusion: the heat is bearable when you go to the lake!
G: jealous! My family (or should I just say my parents?) isn't into water activities at all. I've always wanted to have a friend with a boat. (Lol. but really.) The last time I went to the lake I think I was in 5th or 6th grade and it was with Aubrey. NOT COOL. (pun!)
B: Yah man. Sigh. I miss the lake.
G: Breezy, I'm going to befriend someone with a boat this summer.
B: Good plan. Can they be my friend too?
G: mmmhm.

Giulia and Breeze clean, pack, go to a wedding, move back home for the summer, and commence their work for the City of Henderson aquatics department. Giulia's first week back in her home ward, the bishopric asks her to speak on Mother's Day. Giulia's friend, Courtney, was also asked to speak.
Mother's Day Sunday rolls around and as Court and I are sitting up on stand, scanning the crowd, Courtney gasps.
G: Courtney? You ok?
C: David! He came! I haven't seen him since he got home from his mission because I was stuck in Provo.
G: Oh that's cute. He came to see you speak! When did he get home?
C: A couple months ago...
(Giulia's never been interested in fresh RM's)
Giulia looks where Courtney's family is sitting and spots said cousin of Courtney's. Giulia thinks: Wowza! David is hottt!
We both gave our talks (Giulia bawled for at least half of hers). After sacrament meeting, I went to Sunday School with my mom, and I'm assuming Courtney ran to go talk to her cousin.

Later that day I get a text from Courtney. read about it here. What I failed to mention in this post was that before I got to Courtney's she told me that her cousin David will be there too. Giulia is suddenly all nervous and excited to go. Strange... because Giulia isn't interested in boys at this time in her life. Her plan: work two jobs this summer to save lots of money for school next fall/winter and Italy in the spring; serve a mission; graduate; get a good job; and then she would consider dating for reals. Giulia did go on quite a few dates during her year at BYU, but if they asked for a second she always played the "we're just friends, sorry dude" card...and was named "the ward heartbreaker" by one of her guy friends in the ward. Sorry boys! :) So yes, this giddy, butterflies in the tummy feeling that she got upon hearing that David would be coming was strange to her. "You haven't even met him before. Settle down," she told herself. [another interesting factor considering that Giulia has met A LOT of Courtney's cousins on the Robbins side of the family, including David's sister and apparently one of his brothers (I don't remember said meeting, but Courtney swears Zach and I have met before.)]
Giulia shows up...and David isn't there! She's surprised to feel disappointment from his absence. Courtney announced however, that David was on his way from their Aunt Mer's house. Giddy nervousness, excitement, and butterflies resume. David arrives and the game begins! A little bit into the game while David and Giulia are both "in line" waiting to get into the "D" square, Giulia turns to David and says, "Hi! I'm Giulia bytheway..." while giving a nice big 'hello' wave. Courtney exclaims, "Oh! You two haven't met? I thought you did! Sorry, I would have introduced you to each other earlier." David stutters, "uhh...nope, haven't met." And then it was his turn to go in. I don't think we said anything else to each other all night. Despite this, Giulia felt like she already knew this David Robbins whom she had never met or spoken to before now.
Giulia went home that night, blogged about foursquare, smiled about the Australian accent and words that slipped out of David, and was determined to not be "interested" in David...because if she was, she would have to change her plans, and she didn't want to change her plans. With that said, she fell asleep with David consuming her thoughts as she reconsidered her plans for her anti-social summer working two different lifeguarding jobs.

A few days later we all met to play some foursquare again. It was followed by a game of Aggravation, the first time Giulia ever played. As Giulia was trying to figure out this game, David and Rob would try to get Giulia to kill her teammates (Courtney and Lindsey). At one point, Giulia accidentally "killed" one of her teammates, and David gave a "wahoo" and put out his hand for a high-five. Rude! Giulia punched it out of the way. But she wasn't mad at all. David touched her! woohoo!
The next day, Giulia got a follow up call from an interview with the Bellagio Pool requesting her to come pick up her uniform and get processed (because I totatlly ROCKED that interview). She hesitantly got ready to go, suddenly not sure if she really wanted to go through with this (working for the city in the morning and the Bellagio in afternoon/evenings). As she was leaving the house she got another call from the Bellagio saying that they just decided to reconsider her availability (because I would be working for the city in the mornings and didn't have the most open available hours that they might need from me). Giulia wasn't upset for one second, she was actually quite relieved.

Sometime after this, David finally got Giulia's number [read as stole it from Courtney's phone. I say stole, because he certainly did not ask me for it. But...I'm not complaining!] Soon enough, David and Giulia were talking to each other all day long. Having a message from David waiting for me after teaching a swim lesson put the biggest smile on my face. My co-workers knew whenever I had a message from him, "that smile gives it away every time" they would say. Giulia's thinking, "ahh crap! You're never this easy to read, girl! Get it together! David does not fit into your plans! So get over this little fascination you have with him! ASAP." At the end of the week, she wrote this. What you are not reading in this post is that Giulia is doing everything possible to keep David out of her thoughts and thinking of her plans and how there is no way David can fit into her plans. She even consigns herself to say that the only kisses she'll be getting from any boys for a long time (3+ years) would be from her dogs, Buddy, Brutus, and Harley. You see, Giulia is putting up walls, making up reasons why she has to stop liking this David boy, telling herself that she'll only be getting kisses from her dogs (gross), telling herself that her hair has to be at least 8 inches longer before she gets serious with anyone because if she gets serious with someone that means she'll marry that someone and Giulia has always pictured having long hair on her wedding day (that really was a reason. I did not make that up as I'm typing. I was using whatever I could!) Deep down though, she wanted all the walls to tumble down.

The next day. Saturday. Tyson's farewell party. And because Giulia has little self control, she struck up a conversation with David. It was discovered that David was wanting to go, but didn't want to because he didn't want to go by himself (the only people there he would know are Tyson and Courtney).
G: I don't want to go alone either! (although I would have) Do you want to just come with me?
D: Yah, that'd be sweet.
G: Alright, I'll come by around 6. I'll be driving the Red Wienie Wagon, aka a Ford Ranger, and you're not allowed to make fun of my stick driving abilities.
D: Deal. Can't wait!
(Giulia is actually quite competent at driving a manual transmission. She just thought that David, a guy who works on cars all day and who is from a small town, knew how to drive a stick-shift and was a lot better at it than she is. WRONG.)
After Giulia changed her outfit 5 times, she picked David up at the set time. On our way there David commented, "yah...I can't make fun of your stick driving abilities. You're a lot better than me. I've never learned how." This takes Giulia by complete surprise. "Whaaaaaa? Well you are learning how tonight!" So, after mingling at Tyson's partAy, David's first lesson took place. One of the most fun/funniest nights of my life! We drove up and down the "horse streets" for a long time as Giulia explained what to do and laughed at David's attempts to find "that balance" with his feet. We talked and laughed and talked and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and talked the night away. When I finally got home, my cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling so much. I told David, "You made my cheeks hurt." And suddenly, Giulia was falling. Fast and hard. And she didn't really care!

A conversation between David and Giulia the following week (still in May) (again...abridged and slightly skewed from Giulia's sketchy memory)
In the guard room at work one day Courtney mentioned that David stayed at her house super late. "What did you two talk about for that long?" I asked. Courtney replied, "ohhhh...lots of stuff (Giulia later learns that it was all about her. ha!) and I got him online to update his boating license (or something like that...we'll just say that's what it was for the progression of this story)." All Giulia heard was 'boat'. "Yessss!!!!" she screamed on the inside.
G: So, Courtney tells me you two were up pretty late last night.
D: could say that.
G: Well, what'd you do?
D: We talked about a lot of stuff and I did this boating license thing (or something like that...Courtney...what was it???)
G: Ha, she told me a little about that. She said you didn't want to quick review for it and you barely passed. If I'm ever on the same boat with you, am I going to be safe?
D: Well, you'll have to come and find out for yourself.
G: So you're saying that you would take me to the lake with you?
D: Yes. Why wouldn't I? You're the only person I talk with that I'm not related to. (but seriously, I was.)
G: Sweet! Does this mean we're friends??? (you did read the conversation between Breezy and me at the beginning, right?)
D: We are definitely friends.
G: goody! (or something. I don't know how the conversation ended.)

A few days later the Bellagio Pool called again. I didn't answer. They left a message saying that they would love for me to come get processed and be a part of their team! I didn't call back. (because suddenly, I wanted some sort of social life this summer. AKA I wanted to spend any minute I could with David.)

The rest of May was spent by beating David at basketball, continued flirting on the phone, rock climbing, pulling pranks on Rob (it was us, okay!?) and continuing to teach David how to drive stick. Driving practice nights were always the best because we would just talk and talk and talk and talk, and never run out of things to talk about...or laugh about! I've never felt more natural and myself around someone, especially a boy, than I have with David.
On May 31st, I posted this. Let me bring to your attention the first quiz, the "When Will You Be Married?" one. Under it I wrote my last attempt at feigned nonchalantness (are you allowed to add on a "ness" to nonchalant???) for the whole David situation. "Ha. Yahh, we'll see about that," is what I said, trying to come off sounding as if nothing had changed in my plans. But in truth, I knew by this time that what I had "planned" wasn't going to happen. And that I would, like the crazy Facebook quiz predicted, be married VERY SOON.

to be continued...

Team D&G beginnings. David's Version.

So on March 24, 2009, I had a long plane flight home from Australia. During that flight home I had lots and lots of time to do a lot of thinking about all kinds of stuff….. Most of it was how much I already missed my mission and all the experiences I had while I was there. But on that flight I also set many goals for the future, and one was to not really get into the dating stuff. I wanted to get a good job, start making pretty good money, and get quite a bit of schooling out of the way before I got serious in dating somebody.

Soon enough I was finally home with all my family and I was trying to figure out what exactly I should do with my life. I really needed a job and my Uncle Lonney said I could come back and work for him in Henderson (I'd spent my summers before my mission working for him). So I thought about it for a couple weeks while looking for other jobs. I found what I wanted to do. It was fighting forest fires during the summer. I saw I could make a really good amount of money. A lot more than I could working with my uncle ( Uncle Lonney, I love working for you =) ). I thought it would be perfect. There was one opening for me. While applying I did not have a good feeling about it. I continued to pray about it for a couple days and felt I needed to go to Henderson. I am so happy I did =)

Before I came to Henderson, I kept telling my mom one reason why I didn’t want to go too much. I kept telling her that the aunts down there were all wanting to set me up on dates and all that. “Mom, I am not dating!” I was so set and determined not to.

So, after being home in Panaca for a while, I finally worked my way down to Henderson. And sure enough there were a few females that wanted to set me up with somebody. I just kept telling them I wasn’t ready for that social arena quite yet. And that is how it stayed… for a bit ;)

My first weekend in Henderson my Uncle Joe invited me to go to the lake with him and his family in his nice boat. It was a blast. During that trip he said that I could take his boat out any time I wanted. I told him I might take him up on that sometime. Thanks Joe =)

After being in Henderson for a little while I found out my cousin Courtney was speaking in her ward. I decided to go surprise her because I had not seen her since I got back to the United States. So I worked my way into church and found a spot by Courtney’s family. I sat down and looked up on the stand to spot Courtney. The first person I saw when I looked up was this gorgeous looking girl, and it was like I saw light about her. I got all of these feelings I don’t know how to explain. I couldn’t stop looking at her. I found out that her name was Sister Stolworthy. Then I kept telling myself, “Come on David. What are you doing? You don’t have or want an interest in girls right now.” After sacrament I talked to Courtney for a minute and told her good job. Then I was with my Uncle Randy and Aunt Mer (also in the same ward) and they were talking to one of their friends. All of a sudden Randy asked his friend “Hey, do you know anybody my nephew can date?” His friend looked at me and I started to shake my head “no” because, as previously stated, I was set on NOT dating. ANYONE. Then his friend said, “Hey, you could date one of the Stolworthy girls.” I shook my head no again and said “No that’s ok.” But deep down inside, as soon as he said the name 'Stolworthy', I swear my heart skipped a beat!

After church I went home and did stuff with my family. Later that day I received a text from Courtney asking if I wanted to come to her house to play foursquare. I said sure, then she informed me that her friend Giulia was going to be there as well. I was trying to figure out if I knew Giulia, because I have met some of Courtney’s friends in the past. Nope. Giulia didn’t ring a bell. So I said ‘oh well it will be fun’. But really deep down, I was so hoping it was this Sister Stolworthy I saw in church!

It came time to go down to Court’s house and play. While I was driving there I was so excited and a little nervous and had butterflies because maybe this Giulia was that gorgeous girl I saw earlier that day. I get out of my car and opened up the gate and saw Rob, Courtney, Trevor, and and and GIULIA. It was her! It was her! It was her! At that moment it felt like my heart started pounding fifty times faster and the butterflies were out of control! Soon the game started and the whole time I couldn’t stop taking glimpses of her. At one moment we were in line together and she turned around and said “Hi, I am Giulia by the way.” In my head, I was like, “David speak, spit it out, you know your name.” I said I was David and then Courtney said, “sorry, I thought you two already met.” I don’t think we said anything else that night. When I went home that night I couldn’t get over her. She was all I was thinking about. And the one feeling that hit me hard was it was like I already knew her. Like I knew her my whole life, but I had never met her before.

The next day I tried changing my feelings. I kept telling myself this isn’t what I want. I don’t want to date, not one bit, and to get over these feelings that I have. But during the whole week I couldn’t get this Giulia girl out of my mind.

Next Sunday evening we played foursquare again and after that aggravation too. During the game I went to give Giulia a high five for something she did during the game ( you can read it in her version ) and she punched my hand away. It felt so good 'cause we touched for the first time. During that game I think we both knew there was a little bit of a connection between both of us. I think she caught me eyeing her a lot and I caught her doing the same all throughout the game. After the game was over it was time to go home. We walked out the door and I realized she didn’t have a car, so I offered her a ride and took her home.

Later that week all my walls that I put up came tumbling down. ( bytheway, have you ever heard the song, “Halo”, by Beyonce. We [D&G] like that song.) I wanted to know everything about Giulia. I ended up going to Court’s house during that week to talk A LOT. And it was all about Giulia. I think it was on one of those nights when I got her number =)

Soon we got to talking and one time the subject about Tyson’s party came up. I knew Giulia was planning on going. I said I would like to go but didn’t want to go by myself. Honestly, I could have cared less to go to the party. I was just trying to find some reason to be with this amazing girl I was falling hard for. She ended picking me up and we went. On the way there Giulia discovered David didn’t know how to drive a stick. No joke, I honestly didn’t. I think some people didn’t believe me. But I really didn’t. I never grew up with a vehicle that was a stick.

Anyway, after the party we decided that G was going to teach D how to drive a stick. Just like Giulia said, that was one of the most fun and memorable nights of my life. We talked and talked and talked and laughed and laughed and laughed all night long. After I went home that night I received a text from Giulia saying how much her cheeks hurt. I can’t remember what I sent back, but I remember texting her until I fell asleep and then woke up continuing the conversation that we fell asleep to the night before. We did that for days and nights after that. It was like our conversation never ended for a couple weeks. Every second we could, we were texting, talking, or were with each other.

During one of our conversations, I told Giulia that my Uncle Joe told me I could use his boat anytime I wanted. I think this made Giulia happy. I told her I would take her sometime. She said, “Does this mean we are friends?” I said, “Most definitely”…… PS, I still tease her that the only reason she wanted to be my friend is because I had connections to a boat =) but I know it is a lot more than that.

Sometime during all of this, I talked to my sister Felicia on the phone, and I mentioned a bit about Giulia. And she said, “Wait. Giulia Stolworthy? Keith’s sister?” I said, “Yeah, why?” She then talked about how she wanted Giulia to write me while I was on my mission. She talked about how she met her a few times (while she was living in Henderson) when a bunch of people went to Keith’s house to watch a movie or something like that. So that was pretty crazy that my sister all ready met this Giulia and thought we would make the perfect pair. WE SURE DO!!! =)

After I started hanging out with this girl and talking to her all the time, I couldn’t help but smile… all the time. I was the happiest that I have ever been in my life! It is like a happiness I didn’t know existed. And every time I received a text from her, I had the biggest smile on my face. Everyone always knew when I had a message from Giulia just by the grin on my face. =)

Now that happiness grows more and more everyday. The closer I get to Giulia, the happier I become. Just think how happy I will be when we are both eighty. =)

Every moment that we could be together we were. Our time together (before we were “together” if that’s what you want to call it) consisted of stick driving, stick driving, stick driving, foursquare, David getting beat in horse, lay ups, rock climbing, watching movies at Court’s house, playing pranks on Rob, frozen yogurt nights, running through sprinklers, and talking, and laughing, and talking, and laughing….. A lot.

note from giulia:...I love David! more to come from him SOON. + The Proposal.


Here's the place where you can learn everything about how David Scott Robbins II and Giulia Stolworthy became "Team D&G".
The basics: Met in May 2009
Engaged: October 10th, 2009
Getting sealed for time and all eternity: January 2nd, 2009, Las Vegas Nevada Temple.
We couldn't be happier!