Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Our backs hurt. Our bums hurt. Our brains hurt. 
Cannot wait to get off our tooshies and rejoin the world. This semester has been a rough and long one for both of us. So happy to being so close to having it all behind us! 

Happy May!!!

Some fun pictures just for you:
I have never had a bloody nose. Bloody boogies, maybe. But running, gushing, bloody nose? No. I've even taken a few soccer balls to the face with nothing to show for it except a brief tingly sensation and wanting to punch something (hahaha). No bloody nose, ever!? What the? Having been a lifeguard for the city for several years, taking care of a nose bleed is one of those things that happens as often as droning, "Walllllk" all day long. . I fear this is the closest I will ever get: a nasty gargantuan zit right where my upper lip meets my shnozz. It was so tender and painful and I had to wait days to be able to POP it. My eyes were streaming tears when I was finally able to drain that sucker. After getting the gallon of pus and grossness out, it just kept bleedingggg. Awesome story, huh?

When I opened photo booth to take the next glorious picture of me studying my brains out, I found this one of David. His photo wins. I'm not sure what he was doing or what inspired this great shot, but he wins. I'm going to guess and say he wanted to punch himself cause he was sick of working on math homework or something. Something like that. 

In my hand are flashcards for the 20 basic Amino Acids I had to memorize for BioChem.
It would appear that that one in particular is Tyrosine...I hope...if not I got that one wrong on my test today!

p.s. I finally got new razors the other day! don't tell, but I've been using David's fancy pants shick quattro power fusion yada yada whatever razor. No wonder his blades are so expensive, those things work good!
love you, honey!