Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Indian Summer

It felt like this summer heat would never end, until today, of course! Last weekend, while most of the U.S. was scraping frost off their windshields, we spent the afternoon at the lake. And by us, I mean D&G, smASHley, and Chris and Shelly and the boys. What a fun crowd! We love spending time with family! It was another hot day, probably in the low 90s, until the clouds rolled in around 5, which is when we skeedaddled and said our last farewells to the water. Til' we meet again next year, Lake Mead.
It's hard to see them, but Spencer and Logan are on the tube!

Wakeboard goals for next summer: jump from wake to wake. 

This is how pregnant ladies tube:
Logan was very protective of his mother while she was out, telling David "don't go fast, or do those circles!!!"

And the winner of the least attractive photo goes to....
Oh joy. me.
This one comes in a close 2nd. Me again- humunuh.

Sorry I stole the pics Ash, but I had to blog about something. :)
Thanks Joe and Tracey for letting us take the boat!

I now dub today as the first official day of fall. The temp hasn't even hit 80 degrees yet and it's been raining all morning. Finally! I'm excited to finally wear my stock of coats and boots again. <3