Sunday, June 29, 2014

May 2014

As noted previously, I spent all of May about two hours south. Here's what we did on my quick weekends at home:
No pictures, but we got the garden planted when I was home, most of it anyway. I would pull in Saturday night around 7:30 with seeds and starts from the greenhouse and we would get right to work until it was too dark to work anymore.

 Took a Sunday drive to Mesa Falls.

Found out that our lil' gummy bear is a boy! It was too exciting not to, so we made the news facebook official.
I would have loved to be a little more creative on the announcing part, but you can only do so much when you're home for about 48 hours, sleep time included. 
I couldn't resist this 'stache and bow tie balloon.

Kind of starting to show! I'll do a bump growth post later.

David hitched a ride and met me in Downey so that we could head to Jerrick's wedding reception in Utah. I wrapped my hair with paper towels to get a rag curl (thank you girls camp for teaching me valuable things like rag curls) on the ends, and then had a wet one wipe down in the car to make myself more wedding appropriate. Who needs running water and power to go from greenhouse grunge to wedding glam?

After the reception we went to the Boondocks to play with whatever family could make it. 
Mini golf, go-carts, batting cages, arcade, and the bumper boats- where Joseph lost his glasses in the pool. I think it was David, or maybe it was Uncle Joe, that shot his glasses off his face and down they went. It was pretty hilarious. We had a night full of laughs. It was great to hang out with family.

Visited all the family sites in the Blackfoot cemetery for Memorial Day with Uncle Klain and Aunt Elaine. I hadn't been here since 2001 for Grandma's funeral. It was great to visit when I am older and more appreciative of my family history. 

I put together the geranium wraps before leaving the greenhouses for the day. Pinks for Grandma Azalia and Red,White, & Blue for Grandpa Dean. 

Aunt Elaine had flowers for each site.
Baby Anne

We started our summer jobs. We're doing the same thing as last year- boat inspections at Henrys Lake. So for the weeks we had to be at Henrys- one weekend in May and one in June before I finished my internship- I only worked 5 days at the greenhouse instead of 6. So those weeks where I was working both I put in close to 80 hours. That was fun. Okay, maybe not so much. But you do what you gotta do!
The real fun part was taking the boat out again.
First voyage of 2014!

...And just because...
More photos from our photobooth session with our cute blue balloon.
David was pretty ecstatic it's a boy. :)


danielle said...

I'm loving your bump and so jealous you were able to visit the gravesite.
Hope all is well!!

Breezy said...

You are soooooo prettttttty!!!!!! Love your bump! And of course you can go from camping to glam. You are such a boss.