Wednesday, June 25, 2014

April 2014

Tore the whole dash out of the jeep....again. Ugh. But David got things fixed.

Conference Sunday made donuts. So delicious!

Soaked up some sun while studying.  (The yard is much more green now)

Joe and Felicia and kids came up at the end of the semester to visit and then took David home with them to play while I started my internship. He didn't have to work that week so the timing was perfect. 
We've had these red leather boots in the closet for years. James' PJ outfit was begging for them to be pulled out. Can that red-head get any cuter???

I finished my first week of my internship and headed down to Salt Lake to meet up with David and family for Easter weekend. 
Dying eggs.

And sweet Chelsie started the process of bringing my hair back to blonde.

While there we finally announced the news about our growing lil' gummy bear. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up with everyone in one spot and getting to see the big reaction. Plus we concocted a fun way to spill the beans that worked well with the easter season.There's a video somewhere, but all you can hear is Nessie screaming. haha. 
We gave Amelia a puzzle (of a cute yellow chick) with a note on the back that said there's another egg to find with a big surprise inside. We got everyone outside and David hid the egg (which looked like a cute yellow chick). When everyone came back in it was a mad house. I've never seen an apartment torn apart so fast. Sorry, Felicia. Finally the egg was found! Nessie opened it and ignored the black and white picture (she said she thought it was a map or something to another egg) and began reading the back which said: "We're EGGspecting this chick to hatch in October!" She stumbled over the EGGspecting part and then it clicked before she could finish reading and she was screaming and jumping and down. It was pretty great. 

We also sent the same message in an egg with some candy via snail mail to our grandparents and all my siblings to be opened Easter weekend. It was fun getting all their sweet messages of surprise and excitement as the weekend rolled out. And it was nice to be around family without David reminding me to, "Suck it in!"

Cute boys sending me some love during my first week of my internship.

I should also mention that David made it through his second chemistry class! These classes are repeated more often than not, but mister D got through them both in one try. Oh happy day! 

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