Monday, December 22, 2014

First Visitors

Ashley, Azalia, and Jenette came to visit Sunday evening. We didn't get any pictures with them, but they took pictures of us!

After Ashley and Jenette left the hospital (they went to our house and took care of things there for us) Uncle Colin and Aunt Jean came to visit. Colin snatched that baby up and plopped on his chest and snuggled down right away. He didn't want to give him up; only let Jean hold him for the last 10 minutes or so that they were there. ha! I was still pretty out of it from not sleeping for days. Colin was laughing at/worried about me- I guess I looked pretty beat up still.
And then Brandon and Janet came too. 

After all of our visitors we both finally got settled in for some much needed sleep. I think my bed was a little bit more comfortable than this one. 

Holy smokes! Sleep never felt so good!!!! I felt a million times better Monday morning. My throat was pretty raspy and sore from all my moaning and groaning during labor, and it felt back to normal Monday. My head was clear; no longer rummy-headed and dizzy from not sleeping for days. The worst pain I had was my in arms. My left was sore and tender from the lock line; my right was bruised from a blood draw.
Monday evening we had some surprise visitors! We knew that Nessie, Felicia, and Chelsie were coming, but we were shocked to see Preston march in first followed by Papa. So fun!

 Looking much better after some beauty rest.

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