Monday, October 6, 2014

September 2014

Baby shower was September 4. So I guess that should be included in this post. But me and my pregnant brain included it in August. Whatever. 

Partied it up in Henderson with this cute thing for her 4th birthday.

I flew back to Rexburg from Las Vegas by myself. A one hour plane ride for $38 sounded so much more pleasant than a 10+ hour car ride. This also left David free to stay in Panaca and hunt longer. He drove back on Saturday up the 93. The I-15 was closed off due to flooding that literally took the road away in Logandale, NV.  I would write more about that craziness, but it's getting late. Suffice it say, Panaca- little, old, little, little Panaca- became a boom town for a while as traffic was diverted up to and through it's Main Street. bumper to bumper for days. Days is not an exaggeration.

The week that I was home by my lonesome, I ate some really yummy food. And took pictures of it, because what else do you do when you're home alone? I would go out each night and pick a few things from the garden to add to my dinner plate. It was heavenly. And delicious.
Zucchini crust pizza. (Actually I think this one was back in August. Whatever. It was dang yummy)

Chicken with zucchini  and peppers saute.

Bread. Nom.

Cucumber, onion, pepper, and tomato salad. 

And then Wednesday night, the 10th, a nasty frost rolled through. The temperature dropped to 25 degrees that night. I knew a frost was coming through, so I went out late that evening and threw a "water blanket" down hoping that would be enough. Um no. Not for 25 degrees! I was 8 months pregnant and didn't want to lay down row covers by myself. I should have. My two rows of tomatoes with fat green and ripening tomatoes, my pumpkin patch, corn, peppers, everything- gone! It was very sad. But now I guess it's kind of a blessing because I would be spending a lot of time right now/ the past few weeks harvesting and preserving things from the garden instead of working on school stuff. And I definitely have more than enough school assignments to be working on and knocking out before baby comes. Blessings in disguise? I'm glad I enjoyed my garden this year while it lasted, I just wish I could have got more out of it and saved from it. Oh well. Se la vie.

School started September 15, and things have been crazy and nonstop busy ever since. 
David's classes: range management, ecology, biostatistics, doctrine and covenants
Giulia's classes: deciduous i.d., interioscaping, pest management, practicum (running the horticulture business for the semester)

A few nights before school started we checked our schedules again. We signed up for classes way back in May so we thought we should reacquaint ourselves with our classes. We had everything lined up perfectly and we didn't have class at the same time for when baby comes. But as we were reviewing everything I noticed that there was an hour in the mornings that overlapped. I asked David about it, and he said I was crazy because that class of his wasn't until 10:15. Turns out, the class he was signed up for... the teacher left. The school assigned a new teacher and a different class time and didn't care to let anybody know. Kind of frustrating. So we both have a class from 7:45-8:45. My class doesn't get out until 10. Luckily, it's a first block class and will be over on October 29. Hopefully we'll have David's mother here still to help us with the little one until then and get us through October. 

A few days into the semester I was informed that the evergreen i.d. class that runs the second block, which I was signed up for, has a week-long field trip to Arizona. I'm going to have a weeks old baby when that rolls around. I can't go on a week long field trip. Why is this information not posted on the course requirements/ course description when registering for classes!? Argh! 
I dropped that class and replaced it with interioscaping for the second block. The class was full but I went and talked to the teacher and he added me anyway. :) [I'm grateful I've taken the time the last year to get to know my professors and make sure they know who I am. This is done by: 1- I'm a good student. 2- I typically make 1-2 or more visits during their office hours to ask questions so they know me outside of class. Those of you new to the college game- take the time to know your professors] Unfortunately, this class is from 11:30-1:30 (...I think...) And David also has class from 11:30-12:30. So we'll need to find someone to watch our lil' man cub for us during that hour. Ugh! Not what we wanted and we worked so hard to avoid this. We just keep telling ourselves that everything will work out! It will all work out. 

This month we also took a childbirth education class. I'm so glad we did. I feel like both David and I are on the same page now about what will happen during labor and we are better prepared to be a great labor and birth team. We got this!

September has quickly moved into October. Baby will be here in no time. Parenthood here we come!

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